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Just a Quickie

I work at QT gas station, part time. so sometimes, I don’t get to eat anything for 4~6hours, but I do not want to eat Hot dogs and junk like that, so should I just not eat for all that time for eath something like nutrition bars and stuff.
Also I was told hear since I am not ‘fat’ but have a relatively fat stomach, I should control my diet. And I have been watching my diet and trying to eat healthy. I don’t see any result at this moment, how long 'till I see something.
Last question, I read some article saying intense cardio loses muscle, is it true. If so, 30minutes of 20mile/hr, 300 burned calories, carido an intense cardio and what how much calories burned per hour pace is good for fat burning.
Thank you guys.

  1. Bring a protein shake with oats in it and down it quickly.

  2. How long have you been dieting? Keep with it bro you’ll see results if you’re diligent.

  3. Too much cardio burns muscle not intense cardio per se.

Fat on the belly is often the last to go… which is annoying to a lot of people I’m sure.

As for cardio, you may want to do short very intense or longer not very intense sessions. Both can have their place.

Take a gander at the HIIT protocol outlined somewhere around here.

Get you some beef jerky, sunflower seeds, a bottle of water and a handful of those yellow jackets hanging by the register and go to freaking town…

[quote]ghdtpdna wrote:
If so, 30minutes of 20mile/hr

You know if you could run 20 miles an hour for that time you would probably be the greatest distance runner of all time.

20mph is pretty much a flat out sprint.

the fastest ever recorded sprint by a human was Ben Johnson and Carl Lewis both clocked at 26.9mph over a 10 metre section of the 1988 Olympic final.

oh yeah, and take some food to work. not rocket science.

haha that’s funny.
I forgot to mention that I’m cycling not running.