just a note about tuna

after reading an old post about hydrolyzed soy protein in some tuna even just packed in water, i went straight to the pantry to check my tuna cans. both walmart brand tuna and starkist tuna checked out to be soy free, but chicken of the sea tuna contained the hydrolyzed soy protein. just a heads up note.

Do we really think there is enough soy in there to even give a fuck?

You have to take in lots of soy for it to have an effect.

actually i just read my label of bumblebee tuna and it has soy in the vegetable broth which is the last ingredient. I dont think it will hurt you with that little of an amount

hey goldberg, u can lick my fuckin balls

secondly, tc makes a big deal out of fucking air fresheners in cars for estrogenic compounds so i thoguth some people who eat large quantities of tuna everyday mgiht be interested in the soy in there. So fuck you

hey squat calm down dood… youre takin too much mag-10 there… haha no biggie he didnt mean to offend you… he was just trying to figure out if the tuna actually had enough to have any effect… isee what youre saying about tc… but yeah maybe youre right if someone eats 8 cans of tuna a day it coulda add up big time. Were all friends here dude!

haha yeah spencer ur right. im on a diet almost as extreme as fat fast and i think its getting to me. i didn’t mean to get so offended and explode like that. my bad everybody.

i would lick your nuts but i wouldnt want any of the soy your eating in the tuna to ooze out of your nuts and be estrogenic for me. I figured out a long time ago that most of the little itty bitty things dont make any difference at all.