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Just a Normal Kid...

Just starting a log to keep track of my long term progress and compare it with others, sorry I won’t have any pictures of videos to show my lifts or progress pictures because I have a dinosaur phone, but I don’t pay the bill so I can’t complain. Here goes nothin…

Friday July 27 2012

Deadlift: 7x2, 1x8 all with 325
Military press: 7x2, 1x3 all with 145
Lateral Raise: 12,10,10,8 (15,20,25,30)
DB Upright Row 10,8,8 (45,45,50)
Bent over rear delt raise 12,10,10,15 (10,15,15,10)
Db shrug 3x10 with 80’s
Db Kroc rows 80 lbs x31
straight arm pulldowns just to stretch my lats



Bench Press:
6 sets of 2 and 2 sets of 3 with 245 with 120 seconds rest

Incline Db (45 degrees)1
10,8,8 all with 80’s

Low pulley crossovers (not really crossovers,hard to explain)
3x12 , forget the weight

Incline Db fly
12,10,8 with 15, 20 , 25 (low weight but they were all great reps)

High pulley crossovers 3x10 forget the weight

Weighted chins with 2 sets of chains (go to failure with 2 chains, strip off, go to failure, strip off, go to failure with bw)
666, 554, 443

Neutral grip pulldown
3x8 with 115, 125 , 135

Should have done some shrugs at the end but there were 5 people playing basketball and they needed one more and I bitched out.

Nutrition before the workout wasnt that good:
Gainer shake with 2 cups milk, 2 scoops protein, large amount of oats (just poured them in) , large amount of PB…then 4 pieces whole wheat bread, sloppy joes, applesauce, 2 cups milk, chips…2 pieces whole grain toast(actually the good stuff cause it tasted terrible) with jelly…Post workout 30 grams of protein with 8 grams creatine…then 30 min after a ton of deer steak

Nice looking session.

Is that the only back work for the week?

No, I’ve never heard/seen of anybody with an overdeveloped back and my back doesn’t overtrain easy so I do a vertical day with chest then a deadlift/row day with shoulders on friday, try and do shrugs both days with farmers walks on friday.

[quote]chobbs wrote:
No, I’ve never heard/seen of anybody with an overdeveloped back and my back doesn’t overtrain easy[/quote]


Wasn’t smart to play that much basketball last night knowing I had legs coming today, but still made it through.

275 for all my sets with 6 sets of 2 then 2 sets of 3 with 120 seconds rest

Superset Front Squats / RDL 3x8
145/135, 155/135, 165/135

Good Mornings/ Weighted Hypers
55/10, 55/10

Gonna really start making an effort to get 128 oz. of water in daily

Db curl/ Db overhead extension 12,10,8,8,
25/50, 35/60, 40,60, 40/80

Lying cable curl/ CGBP 3x12
100/145, 105/155, 110/165

Incline db curl/ skullcrusher 15, 10, 8, 15
25/55, 30/65, 35/75, 20/65

Hammer curl/ rope pushdown (thinking about changing these out cause I’m not getting a good contration) 3x12
25/80, 30/80, 35/80

Body rows on the smith machine at the lowest setting/ dips 3xfail
13/16, 11/16, 11/16\

Farmers walk 2x50 steps

Plate pinches with 2 10’s
2x30 seconds

6x2, 1x3,1x9 all with 325

6x2, 2x3 all with 145

Lateral Raise 12,12,10,8

One arm DB upright row 10,10,8

Rear delt raise 12,10,10,15

DB shrug 3x10

Kroc rows

On my way to the gym I backed up into a truck and busted my taillight out so I was beyond pissed so I figured I would have a good workout but it was only decent…gonna look on ebay for a used taillight.

5x2, 3x3 all with 245 rest 120 seconds

DB incline bench
80x10 , 80x8, 80x10

Low pulley crossovers 3x12

DB incline fly 12,10,8

High pulley crossover 3x10

Weighted chins (see last week)

Neutral grip pulldown 3x8

Plate pinch 10’s
2x30 seconds

5x2, 3x3 all with 275…last set was with a belt and was the easiest of them all, should probably start using one

Front Squat/RDL 3x8
155/135, 165/135 , 175/135 (I wonder how many more weeks my front squat will go up 10 lbs each set)

Good Mornings/ Weighted Hypers 3x12
55/10 for all sets

Db curl/Db overhead extension 12,10,8,8
30/60, 35/60, 40/60, 45,/80 (My gyms dumbbells go straight from 60’s to 80’s)

Lying cable curl/ CGBP 12,10,8
105/155, 110/165, 120/175

Incline db curl/ skullcrusher 15,10,8,15
25/65, 35/75, 35/85, 20/65

Hammer curl/ pushdown 3x12
30/90, 35/90, 35/90

Reverse grip BW rows on smith machine/ dips 3xfail
14/17, 12/17,12/17

4x2, 4x3 (last set I only got 2, but did another set for 1 just to get my reps) all with 245

Incline DB
80x10, 80x10, 80x8

Low Pulley crossovers 3x12

Incline DB fly 12,10,8

High Pulley crossover 3x10

Weighted chins
876, 753, 654

Neutral grip pulldown 3x8
all with 135

275 with 4x2,4x3 (getting alot stronger)

Front squat/RDL 3x8
155/145, 165/145, 175/145

Good morning/Hypers 3x12
55/10 for all 3 sets

Db curl/Db overhead extension 12,10,8,8
30/60, 35/60, 40/80, 45/80

Lying cable curl/CGBP 12,10,8
110/165, 120/175, 130/185

Incline DB curl/ skullcrusher 15,10,8,15
25/70, 35/80, 35/90, 25/70

Hammer curl/pushdown 3x12
35/90 for all 3

Reverse grip body rows/dips 3xfail
15/18,13/18, 13/18

Farmers walk

Just moved into college and they have stuff here that I didn’t have home and vice versa so my workouts might be changed up a big. BIG downside of the gym today was 1. No chalk 2. No belts 3. Slick bars

Deadlift 4x2, 4x3 all with 275
I usually do all my sets with a double overhand grip, but since the bars were slick as snot I had to do all my 3’s with an alternating grip.

Military press 4x2,4x3 all with 145

Lateral raise 12,12,10,8

Db upright row 10.8,8

Rear delt raise 12,10,10,15

DB shrug 3x10
all 85’s

Kroc rows (I usually use the 80’s at my home gym and just get one more rep each week, but here , once again theyre slick and got 15)

Long time no see for me on my log, kinda just because I was pissed off…but here we go on madcow 5x5

All reps for 5
Bench: 125,155,170,200,230
Squat: I cant remember exactly but it went something like 145,170,190,220,250
Power clean: 85,105,130(did 135 cause I didnt wanna strip off the plates), 150, 170
Good morinings: 2x10 with the bar
2 sets of hanging leg raises
2 sets of other abs, dont know what theyre called
3x10 LIGHT sets of seated rows, lying extensions, and lateral raises

Week 1 Wednesday
All sets for 5
3 sets of hanging leg raises
Kettlebell row and kettlebell overhead extension just to switch it up 3x10 light
It’s probably not the best long term idea, but every night I’ve been drinking 3 cups of whole milk with 3 slices of whole grain bread with natural pb and jelly. Hopefully the extra cals will help in the later weeks of this program.