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Just a Newbie


Hello T-Nation members.

I have been a long time stalker on these boards. Sort of. I was a track and field runner for a long time, distance runner, but am tired of shin splints. I started lifting 5 months ago, at 153 lbs, at 6 ft tall. I am now a proud 170lbs still 6 ft tall, and 13% (if my calipers are right).

I lift in 5 days a week, and have a pretty clean diet.Monday/ Dead lift 5x5 or 10x3(alternating weeks) Pull upsx5 sets to failure. Pushups with a 25LB plate on my back x 3 sets of 12. Lunges under a barbell at 125lbs 4x6. Step ups with same weight to failure, then half the weight and do it again. Burpees x30. Then long Jumps x20.

Tuesday/ 5 500 meter sprints (my best time is 1:46, I want a 1:40 before I turn 17... might happen.) on an rowing machine and 20 minutes of jump roping.

Wednesday/ off or abs if I feel like it.

Thursday/ Cleans or snatches(alternating weeks)10x3, squats 5x5, hill sprints in my yard x10, then abs. Pull up, and am progressing with front levers, and front lever pullups. handstands against a wall for time, then up-right rows 3x6.

friday/ 5 500 meter sprints on erg, then jump roping again.

Saturday/ Incline/decline/flat bench press 3x5 each. Over head press 5x5, lateral raises 3x12, high pulls 3x8.

An average day of eating is like so;
breakfast; 3 eggs omelet with some salt, 1 cup of oats for porridge, and a glass of milk + fish oil. Most days yogurt aswell.

2-3 hours later some nuts maybe a slice of bread
lunch tin of tuna with a teaspoon of mayo a glass of milk any porridge I didn't finish earlier and some turkey breast.

1.5-2 hours later cucumber, broccoli, carrots, whatever veg I have lying around.
Dinner frequently tuna, salmon or flat Iron steaks and some salad.(my mom is vegan so she abjects to the steak, but makes shit times of greens...)

The meat is usually around 16 oz.
that will be around 7PM
I take a multivitamin, fish oil, and protein powder.

My max lifts are
Squat 240(past paralell, but I don't know how much by, I just have my spotter's word on that)
Dead lift 330
bench 185

I will be making a training log and posting pictures later in the week
I hope to be 200 pounds by june 2009, wish me luck!

Any criticism, or advise you can give me I would very much appreciate.

A skinny newb.


Welcome. You sound like you have a better idea of what is going on that a lot of first time posters. You even snatch and clean.

Your training template is a mirror image of mine:
Mon.- Lift
Tues.- Cardio/HIIT/Intervals
Wed.- Rest
Thurs.- Lift
Fri.- Cardio/HIIT/Intervals
Sat.- Lift
Sun.- Rest

A couple of things I can think of:

1) You don't need to do 3x5 of flat bench, incline bench, and decline bench in the same workout. At least thats my opinion. I would at least split it up between two workouts.

2) I am squatting twice a week and deadlifting one day. Back Squat Monday and Front Squat Thurs, then DL on Sat. You might want to add some more squatting on Sat. and move some of your benching to your other squat day. Just an idea.

3) 5x500 m rower intervals are hard. That plus jump rope twice a week might be a little too much cardio, especially with the burpees and sprints on your lifting days if you are trying to gain mass. If you can keep gaining weight by all means keep doing it, but you might need to scale down to keep gaining weight.

4) Any idea on your total kcal/day?

...Thats all I got. I like your template and it seems like a pretty hard week of training. Good luck with it all.


agree 100%

Looks like a good, solid program. You'll probably reach a bodyweight plateau soon, though. Just dial back the cardio and HIIT a bit when you get there.

Best of luck!


Thanks for the replys!
I can understand the advice about about the benching and in hindsight's bias seems like a good idea, I'll move the decline and incline around to fit in somewhere else.
I have never been very good at the front squat... I don't know why, but I will add a few sets on Saturday and see if I can't become somewhat proficient.

I am still gaining weight, though you two are right, the rate is slowing a bit in the last 6 weeks or so, 1/4 pound here, half pound there... Humm, if it stops at least I will now know the culprit!

Oh! And I was curious about my kcal/day so I followed it yesterday and it came out to 3800. I did have a few more snacks of nuts, and cottage so that is probably slightly inflated from my norm. Today was closer to 3500, that is probably more accurate. macro looks like 40/40/20 prot/fat/carb and all the carb is in porridge or greens.

Thank you both of!

I will be starting my log on this coming Monday.


wow, a newb who knows what they're doing
nice one!
i find front squats hard to improve in unless you dedicate yourself to them


Thanks caveman, I read a ton of articles on this site, creeper-ed the forums, found a coach to teach me proper form (for free!!!!), so I am glad I don't come off as stupid =0)