Just a Little Test

I know enough about steroids to know I’m not interested in a ‘bodybuilding’ cycle. What I am interested in is a small healthy boost in test, maybe something like a doctor would prescribe to someone with low testosterone.
I do not want gyno, I do not want increased hair loss, I do not want to look like I use roids, I do not want to worry about PCT.
I just want a minor boost in test that I can inject or swallow every now and then with very minor chance of any side effects. I want increased sex drive, a little bit bigger lifts, and a bit faster muscle growth.

Can anyone make some suggestions as to what type of test would be best, what type of steroid doctor’s generally prescribe and maybe dosing examples and possibly average expected cost? It would be much appretiated, thanks.

If you are health concious and worried about side effects your best bet would be to use Deca. If you can’t get or don’t want to use deca you can use an injectable testosterone ester such as test prop.
If you are prone to hair loss most steroids are gonna give you trouble. A low dose of test is probably one of the healthiest option and is used for testosterone therapy.

I have used 250mg’s test prop a week (injecting every third day) and noticed no side effects other than a healthy glow, increased energy and good mood. The nice thing about test prop is that it has a low half life so if you have hair loss you can stop using and it will leave your system fast.

How old are you? how many years training? Ever tried a product like Alpha Male or tribulus?if you wanted to do somthing like hrt I would say 200mg of test ethanate a week would work perfectly for what you want. But sticking a needle in you body has a lot of the same risks taking 200mg/wk as you do more “heavy cycles.”

I recently tried DHEA - 50mg ED for 4 weeks. Had a blood test before and after - was on no other supps at the time other than the odd protein shake and vitamins (which I always take).

My original blood test showed that I was very low in DHEA and low/normal total testosterone. Free test was middle of the range. I am a 38 year old male.

I haven’t got the blood tests in front of me now - but here is the jist of what happened.

  1. Total testosterone increased by about 16%
  2. Free test went through the roof - ie above range (went from 76 to 102; range from 35 to 92)
  3. Estrogen levels doubled - but still within range. They were on the low end to begin with.
  4. DHEA increased a little but still below range.
  5. Most other blood markers stayed the same.

I was about to start my own thread on this - but anyway will put it in here because it is relevant to your question.

I’m not really recommending DHEA to you other than considering it as an option. I felt really good on it during the 2nd week, then sort of went backwards. I am guessing it might have been Estrogen kicking in? I have had a few weeks off and am starting up DHEA again using Zinc and Vit C to try and keep E under control. Will see what happens. The compound pharmacist I spoke to reckons if E goes any higher - I might be better off on Test as it is less of it will aromatise to E as there is only one pathway rather than 2 - with DHEA.