Just a Li'l Sumthing

just a lil sumthing

With the title of this thread, and the picture…umm I’m a tad creeped out.

this is not myspace.

I tried to rate you, but couldn’t find the “LOL” option.

…Why are you at his knee level…

[quote]jacheson wrote:
I tried to rate you, but couldn’t find the “LOL” option.[/quote]

haha, I think that’s what “1” is for.

Well… I’ve definitely never seen a male body from that perspective before.


That looks like Levrone’s face


I’m getting flashbacks to my time in prison…

This section should have rules!!
it’ll save people getting low scores cos they did stupid stuff like post a picture where you can’t see the ‘physique’

…I bet it is a Li’l Sumthing.
If you’re gonna be a troll, at least be creative and/or funny. This is a complete waste of time

Did you put the camera on your dick?

Threads like these should be deleted by the mods imho.

Now thats fucked up…

What’s even more fucked up is that some people rate him higher than 1.

LOL… o man…

This guy has bigger tits than my GF.

WTF? That’s creepy. And very queer.

Is there a ‘0’ option around here?

never want to see a male body from that angle again

Get this fucker out of here. !