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Just a last few peices of the puzzle....

So I have gathered quite a bit info on T-dawg and feel like I’m ready to use it soon. The question I have now , I have not been able to really answer in the research.

According to the newest version of T-dawg (reader mail online issue 192) one should engage in one carb up meal. ( for fat boys like me)Now the info on this has changed greatly. It went from 48 hours of free for all carb eating to one meal in which one should use a “smart carb up”. My question is what does that mean nutritionally? Should I only eat complex carbs like yams etc? Or, are they saying that one shouldn’t go crazy and eat lots of simple carbs and sugar? or does it mean that I should follow the massive eating guidelines regarding food combo’s P+f P+C etc? Or is some combo of all of them? Should I even be worried about it? I feel like this is the only major gap in information that I have. Now bear in mind that I do know that I have to tweak this diet to my own personal needs and I do realize that just because it worked for one or all of you doesn’t mean its going to work for me. I also realize that this information is hidden somewhere on this site and that if I was to research the subject for the next week I could probably find diametrically opposed arguments with scientific information and studies to back each of the claims. However, what I really want to know is what you did when you did the diet. I figured those of you who were sucessful with the diet have the best information. Thanks guys for all the help so far :slight_smile:

Carb up every 5 days, consuming 1.5x your basic daily calorie intake in low-fat carbs over a time period of 6-8 hours.

Thanx Hark. You seem to be the only one that has consistently helped me with this diet. One day I may be able to reciprocate. :slight_smile:

It may take experimentation blah blah blah, but I would start with a P+C Berardi style, using good moderately low GI/II carbs. Maybe try some ALA before the meal as well. I will be working at the store in Fort Collins this Saturday if you want to come in and toss some ideas around.

Hey thanks Marc! It’s partly because of the coversation you and I had that started e down this path to begin with. I look forward to talking to you this weekend :slight_smile:

Hey, Newbie. I haven’t done T-Dawg, but I do low carbs (50g/day) and carb refeeds. It really can be customized to your needs and the results you want. I’ve been experimenting. Sometimes I just tell myself that I’ll do my next refeed when I’ve lost one additional pound. My goal is to lose one pound per week. My refeed usually lasts 7 to 8 hours, and I’ve gotten better results when I eat until I’m full, but don’t stuff myself until I hurt. (Duh) Since you’re trying to refill glycogen stores, but not add to BF stores, be sure to keep your fat as low as you possibly can. Myself, I avoid pizza. I might have a chicken florentine salad with (extra) chicken, no olives, no oil dressing, no cheese, but with sun dried tomatoes, regular tomatoes, capers, oven-roasted garlic cloves, pine nuts, orzo pasta, a mixture of garlic and lemon juice for my dressing. Probably should avoid the garlic and the pine nuts since they would be higher in fat. That makes two meals for me. Then I’d have an Ultimate Sub from Publix with no mayo or oil or cheese, but stuffed with meat, lettuce, tomatoes, green peppers, bananna peppers, jalapeno peppers. I love my veggies! Sweets are okay, too, like grahm crackers, pop tarts, cereal. The deal is just to avoid the fat as much as you can.

For more information on cheat meals and carb refeeds, do a search on “cheat” and on “refeeds.” Joel Marion has written an excellent article with the guidlines you’re looking for. Carb refeeds have worked fabulously well for me and took me out of a one-month, no-progress stall.

Wow. Very informative. I actually believe that one can duplicate the efforts of another who is sucessful and get similar results. ( thats why I would have blindly followed the diet)
However it certainly helps when you can understand the background of a diet. As I have said many times before, I’m not unwilling to do the research I just have a hard time knowing where to start sometimes.
Thanks for the information and the search tips. I always find I’m more productive in my research on this site when someone who knows the answer to my question gives me a little jump start with a few key search terms. I suspect that I will find alot of info regarding the carb up day now that I have the correct jargon. ( Carb up and smart carb ups returned very little for me)
Many thanks Tampa-Terry. :slight_smile:

Hi, Newbie! I know what you’re talking about. I’ve found that I get my best results on the search engine when I type in a single word. Example if I were to type in “bench press” I would get stuff about benching and overhead and military presses. I do search phrases, but sometimes I have to break it down to a single word.

Glad to have you on board and glad to help.

You got it.