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Just a freak, I guess...

Well, at least a “T-Freak”.

Should have seen the looks I got yesterday from the bluehairs and gym “socialites”, wearing my “Testosterone” T-shirt, holding 40 pound dumbells over my head and walking around in figure eight patterns, a la Chad Waterbury.

You’d have thought I was naked.

Anyone else get puzzled, curious, or other strange looks from the “common folk” while performing an exercise that any man or woman of the T-Nation would find perfectly natural?

uh, what’s a bluehair?

Not really, but I did have a high school coach tell me that cleans are not what I need to be doing for discus.

I guess I showed him by increasing my throw by over 30 feet.


slang for old people, who, in an attempt to color their hair, sometimes end up with this surreal, bluish tint. Term believed to have originated in California.

Deadlifts. :slight_smile:

Yesterday, after deadlifting and BB rows I was doing snatch-grip high pulls and this girl stopped her leg curls and said “Doesn’t that hurt?”

I just said, “Yeah, and…?”

When I started doing the bear, she just shook her head and didn’t even bother to ask.

Hell, I get strange looks from doing weighted dips (why does that little man have those plates hanging from his waist?) Other lifts that probably confuse others would be deadlifts, seated 1/2 presses, and clean & presses.

They’d probally cart me out if I tried walking in figure eights while holding dumbbells over my head! :D)

One armed BB snatches gets 'em every time…

lol I got the “doesn’t that hurt?” question when I was doing planks last week…

The only reply is “Naaaa… you should try it!”

I’ve had this happen alot lately. I’ll be setting up for deadlifts and someone will ask “Are you working legs again today?”
Me: “No, I’m deadlifting.”
Them: “But that just works you legs.”
Me: “Ok, thanks.”

I think I’m going to have to break down and get one of the “Shut the f**k up and lift” shirts.

Jeff, clean presses? Have you finally been working on some Oly lifts? Nice to hear.

I just joined a commercial gym so I could work out with a partner. I do exercises and use machines in ways that really seems to freak out the soccer moms that are in there “toning”. It also freaks out those skinnyfat 40 year old guys that have been doing the same exact freaking routine for a kazillion years.

What’s really fun is grabbing a bar some guy left loaded on the bench and doing bent rows or curls with it.

I’m always worried I’ll get kicked out or told I can’t do deadlifts.

Using chains for dynamic effort bench press got a lot of stares. There were even three skinny guys standing by the leg press staring, whispering and laughing.

I get tons of stairs doing rack pulls, deads, cleans, etc. Nobody asks me anything. I was doing rack pulls one day, and a guy finally asked “you’re working legs again?”. I said “No, back. You should try it.” He declined saying deads were bad for your back. I just laughed. Hell, now that school started again, I always have the rack open because the frat boys are back doing bench and curls. They don’t bother curling in my squat rack either.

I get a lot of stares while walking around the locker room naked airing out after my shower. Especially when I prop my leg up on a bench to show off my package. I don’t understand the weird stares. Unless they’re jealous.

Seriously, it depends on where I’m working out. I’ve been using two gyms recently. One gym is a powerlifting gym, so no weird stares there. The other is the Y. The only stares I get are from the Queer Eye folk, but that’s another kind of stare.

Mike, I did an intersting version of the overhead figure 8 one day about 6 months ago. I lost control of a clean and jerk and ended up walking around in circles trying to get control of it, unable to bail on it. I walked over to a Hammer pull down machine, past a rowing machine, between a weight tree and circled a group of girls standing around talking next to a squat rack before I made it back to where I started. It was one of the most frightening things I’ve had happen to me. I was yelling “COMING THROUGH” and people were scattering. Took all of about 5 seconds, but it seemed like an eternity. Some people in there still remember that.

Farmer’s walks, overhead walks, plate carries, kbell lifts and some other Renegade movements tend to get odd looks and stares.

CGB, still laughing at the site of you wandering around your gym with a BB above your head. Thats just good stuff there.

Mike I know exactly what you mean. Do EDT in a “Fitness center” and try to get back and forth between A1 and A2 movements without someone looking at you like “What the Hell?” Last Night I did reverse band bench press for the first time. When I loaded up the bar at 535 some guy says “Yeah but your not really pressing that, the bands are doing it” I asked him if he wanted to get under and give it a try, he declined.

I just started Ian king’s ‘limping series’ -not sure if anyone is actualy looking, but it sure feels like it!

CGB, lol. OK, I would look at you funny for that one!

The Clean & Press is the only Oly lift I’ve played with so far.

Jared, I know what you mean. I have the same problem when I walk around after a shower, too.

What, these people have never seen a hard-on, or something?!

CGB, did that really happen to you? Too freaking funny!! Although it would scare the hell out of you…

One time, me and this roided out monster (this guy was hyoooge) were the only two in that section of our gym, when he came over to ask if I’d spot him on the bench press.

I said sure, and walked over to where he was about to attempt something like 310 lbs.

Well, he was doing fine the first 6 or 7 reps, struggled on the 8th, and then grunted to me to help him.

So I lean over, put my fingers under the bar to help it up, and right when this dude is about to stall, this big drop of sweat rolls right down my nose, hangs on the tip for just a second, and then drops straight down, right into this guy’s eye!!

I’m fucking mortified, and he’s convulsing in pain as we’re both trying to get the bar to the rack, which we finally do.

I was sure he was gonna kick my ass, but he turned and walked away grunting. Probably something like “Thanks alot, asshole”.

That did suck.