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Just a Few Questions


ok so im doing Strong Lifts 5x5 and i need to know what to eat i bought some whey protein should i take it before or after workout for breakfast or what? also i just have no idea what to be eating. but i need to gain weight for football running back so i also need to be fast.

here are my stats



bodyfat percentage is 23 percentile


Eat at least 150g of protein per day (to support muscle growth and strength)

Have your 4 or 5 meals/day (e.g. eggs/oats at breakfast, meat/veg at lunch/dinner, shakes inbetween). Moderate/cut down on the carbohydrate foods like potatoes/pasta/drinks/cakes/candy etc (this will help to reduce body fat/reduce fat gains).

Whatever protein is still left (say the whole meals give you 100g/day), make it up to 150+ with the whey (e.g. 25g before training, 25g after training).

Example meals:

Breakfast - egg meals (scrambled eggs/omelets), or whey and oats/banana (shake)
Other meals - chicken/beef dish with vegetables
Before / After workout - whey and oats/banana (shake)


oh and also i do my lifting T Th Su and on the off days i do boxing which is just pretty much crazy cardio but i also do a bunch of push ups and use the bag will that make me tired and make me not lift to my potential or is it fine to do both ?


It probably will effect gains negatively yeah, but it depends on your priorities. I'm guessing you wouldn't want to give up boxing etc. Maybe lower the boxing days a little like to 2-3 times/week?

By the way, how did you take your bodyfat measurement? Because 23 percent is a little on the high end to be gaining weight at (if that is a reasonably accurate measurement).


i measured all the parts i needed to measure but i dont look fat at all so i might be wrong. also you mentioned it but i not sure do i drink protein shake before or after or both and with waler or milk. Thanks alot btw this is helpful


I'll post a few pics to give you a good idea what 20%+ bodyfat looks like. It's very common to get it wrong (people usually underestimate it though, but in your case you have probably added too much).

You can take the protein shake whenever really. As long as most of your meals have a decent amount of protein in them and you are not starving yourself, you'll be fine.

But for the sake of argument, take it 30-60 mins before, and within 30 mins after the workout. Have some carbs after/during your workout too. Take it with milk if you need more calories for gaining weight. Also, it tastes better with milk (if you can handle the lactose)


Here they are. What to bear in mind though, is the fact that the more muscle you have, the less it looks bad when quite fat.


Lol yea i dont look even close to any of those but yea i do have a decent amount of muscle. Thanks alot for your help again i appreciate it.


Off topic, but my body looks most closely like the 20% body fat guy (hair included). My scale tells me 31% every time.....

Yes, I know scales don't accurately measure body fat.