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Just A Double Checker Please

So after much consideration and time, I have decided to do my first cycle. I have spent a good amount of time reading the stickies and the forums to get a good understanding of how to PROPERLY do this. I am just hoping that I have interpretted things right. I know you gus are sick of these threads, but With mine I have looked into things, I just have noone to tell me if I have the proper understanding, As I am doing this on my own.

Im 6’4 205 Lbs 24 years old.

Im looking to run Test Enth, and Dbol. Im only running the one inject so I can see how my body reacts, and from what I have read I dont need to go overboard! Heres my breakdown,

Weeks 1-4
Dbol 25mg twice a day ( will twice a day be enough to keep proper “shelf life”? I just dont want to take 75mg in a day, Thats a pretty huge dose if im correct? And I can only get 25mg dbols )
Weeks 1-12
Test e 200 mg E4D
Weeks 1-13
Arimidex .25 mg EOD
Weeks 1-13
Arimidex .125 mg EOD week 14

week 15
Nolva 20mg twice daily
week 16-18
Nolva 20mg a day

So I really hope I havent made an ass of myself, But im hoping that I have got things down to a proper science, And if not, Please do correct me, Im hoping I just get some Yes that looks good!

looks pretty good.

a couple things…

-i would just use the test-e Sun-Wed , or something like that… E4D is unnecessarily complicated, IMO.
-the half-life of dianabol is 4.5=6 hours… you could prolly take one tablet in the morning, and one pre-workout, and be good… or split one tab into 2 doses in the early and late afternoon, and have a fullsize tab in the A.M.
-you can start PCT on week 14, as the half-life of test-e is vastly over-exaggerated…
-the Nolva can be taken at the same time in PCT, as the half-life is several days…

Thank you for the feedback.
Sunday/Wednesday makes alot of sense, instead of changing days, So I dont confuse the days to pin.
It never crossed my mind to split the Dbol into two half doses mid days. I presumed it would be capsules. That’s a great solution to my problem ! Thank you!
And lastly, Regarding PCT, so on my last week at half Adex WHILE running the Adex I should also include the nolva at the same mentioned doses?

This is great, I think I have it down.! I have to make another post on a different inquiry to see about another possible route, Otherwise I have my cycle Set up!

Thank you for your insites.