Just a Concentric Thought

Seeing as though lowering weight is easier than lifting it, why not create a machine that has a certain weight on the raising/lifting half and then into the lowering portion the weight increases. Just a thought, not to articulate but hey, I’m high right now.

I wish I was :wink: , they do or atleast they did , about 4yrs ago I tried one of those 2wk things at ballys and they had them there, the prob. is the change from positive to negative, how do you make it smooth? on the one I tried you could feel it hit perfect one rep then the next rep halfway down you would all of a sudden feel the extra wt. if you train w/ someone it can be ptetty easy to do on some equipment, pushdowns for ex. you take a db and rest it on the plates between the tracks where the cable conects to the stack(some times the db doesn’t fit, like on nautilus , but on most standard pieces it will) you do the normal positive rep w/ your partner holding the db above the stack , when you hit lock-out he rests the db on the stack and you do your slow negative, then repeat. some exercises are easier than others but it will work on some.you just have to train slow to make it smooth

They are allready created. At least here in Sweden :slight_smile:

elitefts sells weight releasers. I think it only will work for heavy singles. Put on weight. then put on extra weight on the releasers then partner releases them when you get to the bottom, then press the weight back up again

My momma say’s that’s all ready been invented. But, I might add, she’s higher than a kite rights now.

Yes, they do exist. My corporate fitness center had a few of the machines (been a looong time since I’ve been there). I used the one for “squats” a few times. They are electronic machines, most likely extremely expensive, and the transition to the higher eccentric weight wasn’t too smooth. Don’t know who makes them, however.