Just a Broken Down Old Piece of Meat

Well Im finally just a broken down piece of meat. My left knee has arthritus. My right shoulder had surgery last year. Now my left shoulder is all fubard… I think Im doomed to a life of excersis bike and eliptical with the old farts and fat ladys… Will LISS 5 days a week do anything??

I have inflammatory arthritis in pretty much all my joints. Just under 4 years ago it got so bad I couldnt make a fist with either hand, and could barely walk upon waking. However, I persevered, got on the right meds, and just did whatever exercise I could manage. I’ve managed to get my dl up to a pr of 165kg, my bench to 120kg and have squatted 160kg.
I guess the point of my post is that when your body is fucked up like this you need to be honest with yourself about your limitations, but once you do this you will find there are always workarounds if you’re willing to find them.

yoga, isometrics, rubber bands, TRX, etc.

Get mobility, clean up your diet, take omega’s EVERY day.

Most importantly, take your time.

You are not that bad off.

I know how ya feel. My lateral tendons in each arm are fucked, now medial in one is tweaked, and just had knee surgery. I finally have accepted that at 43 I can’t lift like I did at 23 and not keep getting injured.
It sucks. Limitations and pain are my new friends. Not.