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Just a Boy Exercise!?


Hey y'all!
Please take the five seconds to reply to this post, as I am trying to convince a rather hot and tasty redhead that deadlifts are for everybody. She told me (exact words) that it is just a "boy exercise". WTF? Help me change her mind, guys and especially gals!


ask 'Patricia from Indonesia' to tell your friend that deadlifts are NOT just for boys..

(look at her pics in the 'pictures' forum)



first of al tell her that using the term "boys" sounds gay. as in "i like boys."


tell her that if she does deadlifts while you lay under her she is guaranteed to both increase lean mass and eleveate mood haha jk....simple to have a nice firm ass girls need to squat and deadlifts...no necessarily super heavy, but because of their lack of T they cannot grow huge in a week, but rather burn fat and build some muscle. Maybe directing her to some of the women of T-mag who have some quite lovely shapes.


I agree with P-Dogg. No adult woman should ever use the words "boys" when referring to adult men.
it makes her sound retarded.


Deadlifts and squats work the glutes good! Better than any crappy hip abductor machine or butt blaster. Tell her if she wants a tight set of glutes, she needs deadlifts in her life!

Paul Chek says that stiff legged dead lifts are THE best ass exercise for chicks!


do you just want her to bend over that way? i wouldn't disagree - any hot redhead doing deadlifts in the gym would get me pitching a tent.

but seriously,

have her do some at an appropriate weight for herself so she can feel the benefits of doing a deadlift. it might look like a power-based movement, but having done it she might see how it increases her strength and her appearance. furthermore, strengthening her posterior chain will do wonders for the rest of her body - don't forget to mention that. and post pics anytime you please.



The only reason that I could think of to have a woman or anyone for that matter NOT deadlift is 1)I physical abnormality that prevents doing it with proper form or 2)For some there is a genetic predisposition toward extreme trapezius development and they do the exercise until they reach a level that is an acceptable max for them. Other than that, if the person is wanting to avoid productive workouts and haven't any desire to improve, avoid deadlifts altogether.


What about calluses? I totally agree that the deadlift could firm up a women's backside in a pleasing way, and give them increased athleticism, but looking at my hands, I am convinced I would not want to date a girl who deadlifts as often as I have--or I would at least think twice after feeling big calluses at each finger joint.


I had a personal trainer (lady around 40, decent built, but tanned to look like jerky) tell me I shouldn't be teaching a girl a t-bar row. Apparently women have some physical difference in there lower back which makes stabilizing extremely dangerous...

That stupidity aside, there is no reason a girl can't do boy exercises. Use wraps if she's afraid of calusses. Otherwise, it'll build up lower back strength and everything else beautifully for her.

Always like that link for comments like that. Show her the site.

Oh, and it was fun doing the girl and boy terms throughout this thread.



The "boy" posting is probably 14.



This is a little diff. situation but may help you convince her.

I set up a program for my mother who is recovering from cancer surgery, based wholly on compound movements, bench, dead, squat, etc. She is 53.

Any way. Not only has her healing process skyrocketed to the point that her doc is amazed but all the women @ her work are jealous. They say she has an ass 20 years her junior now after just short of two months doing deads and squats.

Also she is lifting heavy but she isnt getting bulky as she worried. She is toning up, and getting damn strong.

You may add in the fact that the bench and military presses are doing wonders on her 53 year old chest from what I hear.

I havent seen her do to the fatc I live 16hrs away but am getting emails from her fellow co workers to help them set up diet/training so they can get the same results.

Hope that helps.



There is probably no single exercise that will enhance her physique more than a deadlift.


YOu sure she wants to be convinced that deadlifts are great? I'd say to not bother. Unless of course she is open to deadlifts.



Advice from a woman. Deadlifts rule!

There is no such thing as a man's exercise. Tell your friend to get her non-deadlifting tush in here and show her the women's articles and the pics we vixens have posted on the forum.

'Nuff said.


Thanks for all the replies, everybody! Wow! I even got the legendary P-DOG and ZEB to heckle me, too! I'm going to print out what we've got here so far and show her what y'all had to say. Thanks again everyone!

P-DOG: If this woman wants to call it a "boy exercise", then she shall get NO argument from me. If you actually saw her, you would feel the same. Trust me.

ZEB: You kill me, dude. No, I'm not quite 14 anymore, but I'm sure as hell younger than YOU, ya pull-up doin' old coot! :slight_smile: Hey! Weren't you the one who started the "age, please" thread a while back? I DID contribute to that... kinda.


OK first of all allow me to introduce myself. I am Andi the "hot and tasty" redhead that Dave referred to in this post. I have been working out for 14 years and have always done SL deadlifts as part of my routine. Those were not the deadlifts I was referring to. I think that certain exercise are better and it is stricly a matter of opinion and what works for you. By the way I did not use the boy term, he did. And if you care to see a picture you can go to: http://suncoastzcarclub.homestead.com/Club_Carz_Andi_Gereg.html I think it speaks for itself. Not bad for 35, eh?


actually the late great "morg" started the age please thread.


The song "Here I go Again" by "WhiteSnake" gives away your age. lol


One of my clients who is 38 years old, 5'2" and weighs only 115 pounds can deadlift 135 for reps!!! She is very strong tight and toned. Most of my female clients programs are based around variations of the deadlift!
The perfect exercise in my opinion for toning and strengthening the female body!
Even one of my 70 year old female client's trains using the deadlift! She bragged to her family when she was able to move a couch all by herself and her 22 year old cleaning lady could not!