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Just a Beginner, Some Questions


im 20 years old currently 6'1" 190 lbs my training is a four day split rep ranges usally in the 8-6 rep ranges, the first set or two is in the 10-12 rep range. i am a college student working a shitty job lol so nutrion suffers a bit, im currently taking in two or three shakes a day of optimum nutrition serious mass i eat whenever i can.

what are some easy to make simple foods that arent two expensive and high in good calories and protien? and how is this training routine? ive been training since i was 17 and my starting weight was 165lbs

day 1: back and biceps
4 sets of wide grip chins 4 sets standing barbell curls
4 sets of tbar rows 3 sets concentration curls
3 sets of seated cable rows 3 sets of standing db curls (running the rack)
3 sets of dumbell pull overs

day 2: chest and tris
4 sets of flat bench 4 sets of skull crushers
4 sets of incline db press 4 sets of tricep rope pusdowns
3 sets of flat bench flyes 3 sets of seated db overhead tricep extensions
3 sets of dips

Day 3:legs
5X5 squats, 3 sets of leg press, 4 sets of straight leg deadlifts, 3 sets of lying leg curls
7 sets of seated calf raises

Day 4: shoulders traps
5 sets of seated dumbell press 3 sets if heavy barbell shrugs
3 sets of lateral db raises 3 sets of smith maachine behind the back shrugs
3sets of lateral cable raises 4 sets of hammer strength machine shrugs
3 sets of db front raises

day 4: off


Milk is great if you can handle it well ie. it doesn't make you feel like shit. Otherwise I would just pound down shakes and get as much food as you can from other sources, obviously look for deals on meat like ground beef and buy bulk when you can. Macaroni and cheese with 2-3 cans of tuna mixed in is a pretty good ghetto protein meal (thanks Stu for that one) and getting some pizza and a few burgers here and there isn't gonna hurt especially if you're still pretty light.

Search for "The Bodybuilding Bible" in the bodybuilding section, there's a lot of what I would consider good info on there. You can train a lot of different ways, as long as you end up getting brutally strong with good form there's nothing wrong with your training. Try different things and have fun.

Hope that helps, good luck dude.


I dont know if I'd cram all of that into a 4 day stretch, but thats just me. I like a break after Leg day especially.

Other wise it looks fine I think, just make sure you can progress on it, and you are eating enough to do so.


Is this a routine you have been using or one you plan on using? If you have been using it, how are your results? Has your weight on your major lifts been progressing steadily? If so, keep at it. If not, where do you feel it might be lacking?

As for diet, eggs and ground beef are awesome and cheap. Pork is about as cheap as it gets for meat. If you have access to a kitchen buy pork shoulders and cook them in a crock pot. A 4-5 lb shoulder is cheap, cook the whole thing when you have a couple hours free and munch on delicious pig for a few days.
You can get canned alaskan salmon for pretty cheap and if you have a costco membership frozen wild alaskan salmon is $6.99 for 6 nice sized filets. Cans of tuna and chicken are cheap, pasta is cheap. Your options are pretty limitless if you can put in a little time prepping food.

Do you have access to an all you can eat dining hall at school? Take a lunch/study break and cram the calories in.


Peanut butter, oats, eggs, tuna (and other frozen fish) and ground beef, you get the idea.