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Just a Back Shot, How Bad Is It?


Here it is, I have a REALLY hard time devloping my BIS and lats, but let me know what I could do to improve, FLAME AWAY!


were the heck did you get a ten did you rate yourself? try pull ups, and chin ups and hell of a lot of other exercise! lol


Your back looks pretty buff 7/10


Wide lat pull downs, pull ups, heavy T-bar, and about a solid year of doing it every week you'll be at a 5 or so.


HOLY SH%! your back nice


Am I blind or are you looking at another picture?


You need to post leg pictures


he asked for a back criticism, not friggin leg phsique thoughts. ur and old dumass.

and heavy deads will actually help your back get bigger, and really REALLY heavy rows


Pretty average. No offense. You look like a guy who hits the gym with moderate intensity off and on. You have good potential, a good starting point to work from. A good.. base.. if you will.

For my lats, and well everything, I've found that progression is key. It doesn't matter how tired you get at the end of the workout, just that you beat your numbers next week. I found good growth in an upper lower split by pairing dumbbell rows,with rear delt flys, and kind of pyramiding down in volume, and up in weight over a couple sessions. I started with 90x12x4 (weight reps sets), and had been at that weight any volume for a while. The next workout I dropped the reps to 8, kept the sets at 4, and lifted a load I felt was tough, but not "balls to the wall" I increased the weight 5 pounds each week, when I felt like it was going to burn me out to keep that intensity up each week, I dropped the sets to 3. I went from 90x12x4 to 115x3, as of my last upperbody day, and the weight is still shooting up. My lats look MUCH bigger in this short time too. Noticeable difference.

I do chins on my "repetition" day, and while I was working on increasing my rowing strength, I kept the chins at the same volume and weight. Roughly bwx10x4. I try not to hit "failure" on this day.

Once this weight platues, I'm considering switching to a new exercise, rows, or maybe make my chinups the progression exercise for my back.

Oh. And for the rear delt flys. Those were superset with the DB rows, and or chins. I did 4 sets, at whatever weight I could handle for however many reps. Again focusing on progression. I never jumped ahead when I felt REALLY good on this exercise, I only made sure to keep a steady progression. The rear delt flys were done both upper body days. Progression looked something like this.



Hope this helped. Long winded post, but I had success with this technique in progression.

Make sure, especially in the first couple of workouts in the 8x12 range, that are working the correct muscles, and doing the lift with the correct form. The first are supposed to be fairly easy (per rep) and are there to reiterate to your body how to do this lift.


I disagree with this. I think that better growth can be experienced by ensuring consistent weight progression in a select few lifts.

For me anyway, doing more than one or two exercises in a day for a specific group of muscles was just useless. If I could use any appreciable weight in the 3rd, or 4th exercise I didn't tire myself out in the first one, or two, and that tells me they are essentially useless.


u f troll read the sticky you have to post wheels! This is rmp form not rate my back form! now who is the dump ass!Fuck I'm not going to smack talk with some punk kid and yes you are a punk!You look like shit! You work out for 4 months! What a fucking joke you are not muscle bulk you are fat big difference! You do not know shit about lifting!


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if I can see the rest of him I will be able to rate his back better. You do not judge by one muscle you look at all of them to see if they are well rounded. I'm the dumb ass for trying to explain myself to someone who doesn't have a clue about bodybuilding! brauny96 I do wish we could meet!

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This is rate my physique not rate my back.

Performance photos would probably be a better place to ask for criticism on particular body parts.


In body building it is good to work upper,lower,outer and inner parts of the muscle. I do not believe however that just doing one or two exercise can do that. There are exception like the squat but not for the arms or chest or even back (to get the back well rounded) I think you need to do at least 3 exercises to get the lower back the middle back the lats and something for the upper back.I never seen a pro who said hey I got like this by doing just one exercise not going to happen


How many pros have you actually spoken to, one on one?

It wasn't suggested to just do one exercise per muscle. It was recommended to focus on getting stronger on the major mass builders, other movements should be included to further isolate a muscle. It also wasn't suggested to pick 2-3 exercises and do them exclusively for the rest of the persons training career. That much should be easy to infer.

You are giving out blanket information and not entertaining the idea that some people can make progress doing something different from your own routine. There are hundreds of combinations of intensity and volume that ellicit results.

You went from being right in calling out the kid with the mohawk to sounding like just as much of a child with your juvenile responses to other posts. This is the internet, people will disagree and have their own opinions. Grow up and keep your posts productive or you sound just as bad as the people you are criticizing.


You are right I let my temper get to me when the kid called me a dumb ass for stating the rules of this form which are one must post leg shots.
How many pros have you actually spoken to, one on one?
I have had a chance to talk with a couple (my trainer took me to a pro bc and I did have a chance to ask them queistion why?


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