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Just 135 mg / week of Deca put me in this mess?!

Hi All,

I’m at 220mg/week of Test and 135mg/week of Deca - both prescribed and pharma grade.

I’m about 5 weeks into this cycle and I’m noticing the full-on effects of Deca Dick.

I used to take 10 mg of Cialis and feel amazing, now 20 mg won’t even help me keep it up for more than 5-10 minutes. It just goes away.

I’m now 5 “experiences” in with this HOT woman and the excuse of me lacking sleep isn’t going to work much longer.

Made a decision to STOP the Deca short and I’m dropping by T down to 180mg/Week, like before.

My recent bloods are below - I’ve always felt good at higher Estrogen - no other good/fast solution to deca Dick than to stop and wait wait wait huh?

Any suggestions on my Vit D being on the lower end? I eat 4 quality eggs per day, take a good Vit D supplement, eat mushrooms, etc…don’t understand how it’s at the very low end.

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