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Juoko Ahola Deadlifting




seeing the blood trickle out of his nose makes me want to go deadlift right now


Nice form on that third 'rep'. Also nice the way his head nearly exploded.

I mean thats some nice weight, but what a strange video.


I believe the same thing happened to him during a World strongman contest doing squats ( I think).




Beef, do you remeber what Ronnie colman deadlifted in the video post here. I thought it was also around 800'ish lbs


i posted this a week ago.

God damn you all.

He still owns several world records - i think he's loaded the heaviest stones in a competition. An actor to boot! (was in kingdom of heaven)

His strongman DVD is awesome.




It?s Jouko, not Juoko;)heh heh..
Juoko actually means "are you drinking" in finnish.

He also had a leading role in Invincible.

The guy still looks like he could compeate, and that bloody nose always happens when he`s lifting really heayvy.

He bench pressed 100 kilos easily at the age of 14.
And that was the first time he ever touched the weights!!..normally i would be little suspicious at comments like that but i did see a picture of him at that age and he was already really cut and muscular at that time.
I think he started out with karate and hockey and went from there to lifting weights.


He did nicely this year in WSM but no wonder he had loads of injury prolems seeing that deadlift video! I wonder if I should get some pro-wrestling boots to deadlift in like Ahola?


Isn't that like saying something means "snow" in Inuit?

Some people sniff ammonia salts to get ready for a lift. Jouko has a better system...



He was the head referee at WSM SS this year. They said he tested the hercules hold before the competition and held it longer than all the actual competitors did.


Thats one of the world records he holds - on ironmind it stated he held it for a few seconds less than the guy who won but he used no chalk.

Does anyone have his gym training DVD?


[quote]etaco wrote:
balljack8 wrote:
It?s Jouko, not Juoko;)heh heh..
Juoko actually means "are you drinking" in finnish.

Isn't that like saying something means "snow" in Inuit?

Not really, because he is from Finland.


That's scary...and not in a good way.


i like how he starts having sex with the bar.

finishes a little quick, though.


im pretty sure the wrestling boots are a way of deading off a raised platform. so im sure hes good for a lot more than that with feet flat on the floor.

yeah.. he really went for it on that last rep. pretty gnarly technique but its still huge weight with insane intensity.