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Junk Foods You Can't Get Enough Of

Im a huge fan of junk food.Not much is said on this site about junk food.Its all low carb diet down to 160 pound stuff.

So for those of u who love your junk food lets here some of yout favourites.

I cant get enough of:

Chocolate-everykind, from mars bars to blocks of white chocolate. Have to have Chocolate straight from the frige though,Nothing worse than warm melted chocolate.

Grilled chicken burgers from hungry jacks really hit the spot then again hungry jacks in general is very tasty.

Quarter Pounder from mcdonalds no onions no pickle. This burger with fries and a large frozen coke really go down well.

Kfc’s fillet pieces.apart from the $3.50 price tag per fillet piece these are very tasty. Put it together with a large chips and mountain dew u have mouth watering stuff.

Hmmmm all this is making me hungry.

I have a feeling alot of your American fella’s are going to say Pizza as your junk food of choice.

Pizza is my junk food of choice.

Oh man good food that’s bad does it for me. Deviled eggs so bad but so good.
Quaker State hot wings on bike night.
Good beer even though i never drink light beer because i think it tastes like piss.
Now that it is close to thanksgiving cranberry sauce.
I might just have to take some alone time to think about all the food on thanksgiving.

Oh man, I haven’t had junk food in soooooo long…

If I do succomb to treating myself with a tasty morsel, I definently go for the never ending pasta bowl at olive garden, man o man is that good. Also, Key-Lime pie, or Lemon Merangue pie… O lawd thanksgiving is going to be sooo good.

This certainly hasn’t been discussed recently (or on page 2).

Oh Dude, I could live on nothing but pizza, day in and day out,… every damn meal of the day!


this is the third one of these “fav cheat foods” threads in the past week or so (one was here and the other was in the supp & Nutrition sect). Im still going to answer it though. PIZZZZZZZZZA! Regardless of your geographical location on this planet, the correct answer to this thread is PIZZA.

a)Pizza- correct
b)anything else- incorrect
c)choice a- correct
d)all the above- doesn’t make sense.

[quote]LiftSmart wrote:
Pizza is my junk food of choice.[/quote]

Times fifty.


Junior Bacon Cheeseburgers from Wendy’s
Rib-eye steak sauteed in rosemary butter, topped with blue cheese butter.


Double Beef & Cheese from Miccy Ds.

[quote]humanimal wrote:
Double Beef & Cheese from Miccy Ds.[/quote]

did’nt they have these for like $2.95. a mate and i were chompin heaps of these to get the cals up for the day so cheep and good!

thick shakes


works burgers from your local takeaway


Yeah, there is something appealign about bacon cheeseburgers,… or pancakes (ooh yeah, love pancakes) now that I think about it -lol


Chocolate + Peanut Butter anything.

XL Bacon double cheese burger from burger king

Triple whopper/mcchickens

I have pancakes almost every morning at work…suckers!

(eating them right now actually hehe)

lol i’ll have to take something for everybody’s thread, PIZZA definitely, chocolate AND Peanut butter, gotta love reeces! Burgers any kind! I just had the Baconator from Wendy’s yesterday with a chocolate shake, it tasted so good im almost upset at me for not going home and running 2 miles that night (well, almost, it was about 30 degrees out! And cheese cake! surprised nobody mentioned it lol

What the fuck are you guys talking about? Pizza and wings are junk food now? When did that happen? Did Shugart get elected president?