Junk Food Cravings

So how do y’all manage your cravings while dieting? I know, the simple answer is “don’t give in”! Well sometimes I don’t and sometimes I do. I am on a four-day carb cycling type diet right now, and sometimes, especially on the two low carb days, the cravings can be quite intense.

My personal weaknesses? Homemade nachos with lots of melted mozzarella and salsa. I also like those frosted oatmeal cookies. OK, I need to quit thinking about it.

Seriously, what are your weaknesses and how do you manage them?

If you read John Berardi’s articles and his recent tip of the day, you should follow a 90% rule. This means, if you follow your diet perfectly 90% of the time, you can have that 10% wiggle room to eat some of the foods you crave. In his DVD he mentions that him and a bunch of his buddies get together on friday nights for pizza and beer as sort of an end-of-the week celebration.

I’d say I’m on track 90% of the time. The only time I will lose my willpower is if I go too long without eating as the day goes on. If I get something in my stomach at 6 and 8, I can go to bed happy with just some Grow!. However, if something comes up, or I forgot to bring something to eat…shit, hello pizza. And it’s just not “some pizza”, it’s the whole fucking thing.

I allow myself a cheat day on Saturday. I pretty much eat whatever I want as long as I still get the daily protein intake. I figure it’s the best time as I pretty much always end up doing something cardio-wise on my day off, be it some mountain biking or chasing my nephews around.

This Saturday I’m gonna put a hurting on that Papa Murpheys Sicilian deep dish pizza. drool That thing looks tasty! Then I’m going to go out with my big fucking gut and work my pimp game on the dance floor. That ought to work well. :slight_smile:

If you are eating enough of the right foods veggies fruits protein etc even during Cutting your cravings should be minimal. Other than that give in every once in a while.

daily dose of flax oil helps me.

Sugarless gum and keeping busy with meaningless activities! Being around supportive people who wont eat McDonalds in front of me works real well too.