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Junk Carbs OK after workout?

do you think its ok to have “junk” sugary carbs after a workout, in lieu of something like Surge? I dont know about you guys, but five strict no-fun meals per day is enough for me-- and since one is allowed high-glycemic carbs after a weight workouts, i usually use this opportunity to consume fat-free or low-fat “junk” like say a bowl of Fruit loops, or a fat free muffin, or english muffins with jelly etc… (ALONG with my protein of course). I realize that Surge is the ideal post workout meal, but I already slug down a few shakes for my other meals, so it’s nice to have some food that normal humans eat for a change. Do you think this is a bad idea, or is it Ok as long as I still watch the calories and P/F/Cb ratio?