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Junior Dos Santos vs Roy Nelson

That’s the plan if Nelson beats Struve, if he loses Kongo will probably fight Dos Santos and Cain will face the Lesnar Carwin winner.


Oh boy, i like Roy Nelson, i really hope he doesn’t get murdered by JDS

Roy Nelson is certainly one person that Dos Santos can beat. But as I stated prior to the Mir fight Carwin would destroy Dos Santos.

I think Roy can take struve, he just has so much experience fighting better fighters like Arlovski. I think Dos Santos is a little to good for nelson but it should be a decent fight as well. Im really looking forward to the lesnar vs Crawin fight…that is going to be a fun fight to watch, not a technical fight but a brawl for sure.

If Brock doesn’t go straight for the Take-down he will get hammered by Carwin