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Junior Dos Santos vs Francis Ngannou- Who You Got?

A lot has happened to JDS in the past 2 months; he got knocked out again, this time by Stipe Miocic. Now he’s fighting Francis Ngannou which is a bad match up for him as he backs up under pressure and like Fedor he keeps his hands low.

Until the Stipe knockout I thought he was potentially the GOAT and the Overeem fight was just bad luck (Cain won 2/3 but JDS beat better fighters than Cain) but now I think he should consider retiring if he loses as 3 of the fighters who knocked him out are still active.

That being said, I think Cigano has the ability to derail the Ngannou hype train. One right is all it takes. WAR CIGANO!

Man I’m going for ngannou. Shake it up a bit. JDS been a gatekeeper too long.

If anything, I think health/age may tamale a toll. Both have similiar offensive capabilities, with junior having more tools and ngannou having the better reach. Both have KO power, sharp boxing, command of angles, and this fight determines a lot for both. I have a feeling both will b a bit more careful in the first than usual.

I could see JDS being real defensive, playing the boxing game and potshotting and moving the first round, and taking the lead. I have a feeling he will have to move a fuckton to deal with ngannous reach, and considering what happens his last fight, I think he will b a little skittish to kick the legs. My bet, is after evading and outstriking ngannou for a bit, he starts showing down and gets slept.
Or ngannou gets too excited, swings wide, and gets caught. But his boxing is looking sharper and tighter. Not seeing a lot of ways he loses in this.

If JDS really wants to win, I’d honestly tell the guy to strictly wrestle fuck ngannou after round 1, and run like a bitch after round 3. Seeing as JDS is a fucking warrior, I’m betting he will end on his shield as such.