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Junior College Football Workout


I'm new to T-Nation and I'm posting this here because who better to ask their opinion of than powerlifters.
This is the exact program not including abs (crunches and bicycle kick stuff) and plyos (more like those ladders you run through and the shuttle drill they use in the combine)
This is for a Junior College Football team.
All of this is done at 60% on week 1, 70% week 2, then 80 % week 3, then week 4 test for a new max. Then repeat.

Bench w/Rubber Bands 5x5
Skull Crushers 3x10
Reverse Hypers 3x10
Front Squats 5x5
Triceps Dips 3x10
Cable Rows 3x10
Lat Pull Downs 3x10
Jammer Machine 3x10

Snatch High Pull 6x4
Push Jerks 6x4
Shoulder Press 3x10
GHR 3x10
Kettle Bell Swings, Cleans, Snatches 3x5-10 on each
Bicep Curls 3x5-10
Tricep Pushdowns 3x15

Power Clean 5x4
Clean High Pulls 5x4
ME Bench 3x6
One Arm DB Rows 3x10
Deltoid Raises Front, Side, Back 3x10 for each
Overhead Squats 3x5
Reverse Hypers 3x10
Jammer Machine 3x10

Power Snatches 6x4
Box Squats w/Rubber Bands 8x3
Deadlifts 4x5
Shrugs 3x10
Leg Curls 5x10
GHR 3x10

All this on top of a bunch of "conditioning". Our team was not the physically best or the best coached last year. Anyway this was more of a rant because I'm pissed off at my coaches for being idiotic.
But let me know what you guys think of it.
I've done WS4SB and 5/3/1 with great success (330 bench, 400 squat yes its low Im working on it, and 500 deadlift which is weird for my squat I guess, and a legit 4.6 40 at 6'6 255).
So frustrating.


it looks a bit much to be crammed into 4 consecutive days


WAY too much volume. Especially when factoring in plyos and conditioning. You need to simplify things. Cut the excess and leave in just what will get you and your team closer to your end goal. Also, check out 5/3/1 for football by Jim Wendler and Westside 4 skinny bastards by Joe Defranco.


Looks exactly like every other poorly planned college football lifting program. Seriously, this is what all of them look like. I have been to seminars and researched tons of different teams training methods. Too much volume, not the correct kind of plyos, doing ab work.

A study just came out this last month about how core specific work doesnt help athletic performance and might even be detrimental. But no one cares, everyone will still do it anyway because they think they have too. Jammer Machine twice a week? Probably time that could be better spent working on mobility or technique in exercises you suck at... which will be all of them if you implement this program.


Do you have a link to that study or do you know the journal? I'd like to read it.

And I echo that this program looks utterly ridiculous.


THANK YOU! I'm glad you guys agree with me. Its so damn frustrating because no matter what I do the coaches won't listen to anything I have to say about how this program of theirs is inefficient and stupid. I'm just trying to help so our team isn't a bunch of pushovers like last year.
I've been going to a professional trainer kind of like a Joe DeFranco but not as big of a facility for 5 years, I'm on T-Nation and EliteFTS just reading everything I can because I want to be a 'real' S&C coach after college. (Kinesiology Major)

I don't plan on following this program no matter how much I get chewed out or they run me.
I've been on 5/3/1 for a little over 2 cycles and really like it but would 4 days straight be wise? Also I've been thinking about running the Juggernaut Method too if any of you guys have an opinion on that it would be nice.


I'm in the same boat that you are. My high school lifting program looks almost exactly like this. As far as running 5/3/1 for four days in a row, not a good idea. Tried that once, got burned out by Wednesday. Just go Mon, Tues, Thurs, Fri. That's how it worked best for me.

If you can, just ignore what the coaches say and don't bother doing anything on that program. That's what I'm doing. My coaches have us working out four days in a row, and I just don't go on Wednesdays (like today). I run WS4SB and need a day off for recovery and growth. Hope this helps.



My advice would be to get better grades so you don't have to play football at a JUCO.


Ignore your coach? Solid advice. That will definitely get you a starting position.

My coach wanted me to run gassers once and I was all like "Pssshh, bro you don't know SHIT about football. Are you an elite powerlifter? Didn't think so. I only listen to Russian scientists, physics professors, and Big Gary. Suck it."




At my old gym in Houston there were two ex Rice football players [one was a tight end, the other a kicker] who were still training like they did when they played, and it was almost identical to this program except they didn't do any oly variants and I never saw 'em do plyos. M&W front side of the body minus shoulders, T&Th legs and shoulders, everything was supersetted and they jogged back and forth between each piece of equipment. It didn't seem to make a lot of sense, but they both busted their asses.


I'm not at a JUCO for grades. I graduated high school with a 3.9 GPA and an 1800 SAT. I didn't play football in high school. Just finished my first semester and got deans list but hey its a JUCO. I figured it would be smarter to go the JUCO route than try to walk on some where especially with the way the economy is and very few chances at jobs so I don't know how I would pay for a 4 year college. And at 6'6" 255/260 with a legit 4.6 40 I wasn't going to let my last opportunity to go for it fall by the way side.


I felt weak just reading your program. Um...you're not fuckin' bodybuilders. That shit will kill you (even if that is all you did) if you use any serious weight. I would cut that shit down a lot. Weightlifting for football is just GPP, you're not becoming full time weight athletes.

Low reps
Few exercises
Single all out top set
Max 4 assistant ex, min 0 assistant ex
perform each of the four main lifts once a week to ten days.


So uh, get financial aid and hunt for scholarships? If you're as good as a student as you say you are, it shouldn't be too difficult to go somewhere else.