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Jungle Warfare Extreme


Have anyone had any good results with Jungle Warfare Extreme?
Or is it just a watered down version of the old one. ?


I'm not sure why anyone would want to take something called Jungle Warfare Extreme.


the original version had a steroid compound in it, it has since been altered and surely ineffective


the original worked excellent for me. but not going to try this


Seriously, everyone wants to avoid just sticking to the two best supplements on the planet.

  1. Workyourassoffinthegym

  2. Eatlikeachampion


Disagree, the name totally makes me want to take it.


some people can do both of those with 100% effort but if their hormones arent up to par (found out by blood test), gains can still be limited. hormone boosting supplements like that can make a world of a difference for some of us. just sayin'


I won't disagree with that, but such cases are definitely not the norm.

Most people simply don't want to put in the time and effort, and would rather just put their hopes in some pills and a half assed lift.


How about...

Work your ass off in the gym, eat like a champion AND include chemical assistance. Now we are talking.

I see absolutely no wrong with including that option when conditions 1 and 2 are genuinely met.


Bring it on! the more extreme,the better! :wink:)




That is officially my favourite supplement name I've ever heard. It's knocked "liquid fury" off the top spot


Does it make you hallucinate and see "Charlie" in the trees.....peering up from the foxholes.....lacing up frag grenades, waiting to ambush? Tex?! TEX?! Hold on Tex, MediVac is coming! MEDIC!!

I'm sorry, but I refuse to purchase a product with such a name. I would honestly feel less shame purchasing an entire case of "Ejaculoid" than that.


Do you have to start referring to your training sessions as being "in the shit" ??


where do they sell ejaculoid is it still legal


I just had a look at a supplements site and read some reviews, although it appears to be for the older formula. A lot of negative stuff, particularly complaints of rapid heartbeat, acne, headaches. Although some people were claiming mass gains. Anyway, ingredients are below. I'd never heard of DVTHF:

Proprietary Matrix 727mg:
Basella Alba Extract, Nettle Root, (-)-3,4-divanillyitetrahydrofuran (DVTHF), Bitter melon Extract, Resveratrol, Conjugated Coleonol Extract.


Widely available in Ontario, and I imagine the rest of Canada as well.

I have about 100 Popeye bucks lying around, and I'm tempted to try a bottle.


3,4-divanil is THE SHIT. seriously. it was the main ingredient in a testosterone booster i took for 8 weeks. highly recommended. expensive, but really good.


Not available in the Halifax store, I made a point of checking when I was in there today. I didn't inquire though as saying Ejaculoid out loud would likely cause me to reconsider life.


It looks the shit but after reading up on it, it may be shit after all! Some supplement companies have published their research on this and have re-labelled the product because the purity levels are actually 5% - when they claim to be 95%!