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June Photo/Video Check In


Let's see some progress!


Also posted in the natty bulking thread. Weighed 196 this morning.


I've dieted from 217lbs to 198lbs in the past 3 months. I'm slowly putting the weight back on, and I'm back up to 205lbs. Here's some current Offseason training videos. I apologize that they're blurry.


looking quite #fullhouse



I thought this was every 6 months?

Makes me no nevermind, I was just wondering.


april 1st to June 1st, halfway there


A combination of some flexing pics. Going to use the same 4 shots each month, along with the first front relaxed to track da sexy.


Is it?



If we keep posting close to nekked pics nobody will notice....


Wow, nice DD.

That is quite noticeable progress Waittz, especially for only a couple months.


My camera is broken, so this will have to do.


Great progress on the dance moves, Det! Bold, yet tasteful.


Looking beast, brah. I know you were down to around 180 at one point. How long between 180 and 196?


Posted this in my log a while back! Still gotta ways to go, but I've done some shit, LOL.


Nice progress Spock. Anthony would be proud of you.


OMG. hehehehehehhehehasjhfKJLSDGADHGLKJDFHF


did you just have a seizure?


Close; orgasm.


Okay, I will play it's been a while. I am weighing in at about 185, and with my back issues that's about where I need to be. I still say not bad for 41... I think I look better than Jared.


Un mas, despite being about 185, my strength is still pretty good, I ain't setting no records, but still. Enough about me. Just want to prove, though I don't talk about it much anymore, yes I still lift and I still love it.