June 3rd Meet

On June 3rd I am going to participate in the 100% RAW American challenge meet. I am planning on doing the meet at 242. Which will be my first meet at 242, all previous meets have been at 275. So the good news is I will set all PR’s at the new weight class. Current weight is 252 and going down weekly after the initial big loss, started at 272 the day after the Super Bowl.

The meet is a push/pull and I am looking to go 340 bench and 520 deadlift. The deadlift would be a NH state record. My training log is kept up to date here under NHIron. I love lifting and cannot wait to get back on the platform.

520 is the state record for 242? Is that for youth records?

I replied to this thread initially, but for some reason it started a new thread. Not sure what happened, but this is what I wrote:


^^That is the one in Virginia. The one in New York seems to be June 2nd: