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June 20th

nuff said

Should be cool. Too bad it relies on too much CGI for the effects.

I believe Newsweek has an excellent “making of” article this week. As well as MacAddict magazine ( or is that Macworld? I gotta check to make sure). Since what you’ll be seein’ was done on a Mac.

Also, while waiting at the airport last Friday, I picked up “Popular Mechanics” and they had a interesting article on “T3”.

Personally, I like Bruce Banner when he is angry.
As massive as the computer animation is, I would have liked to see a real actor play the part.

Shrek’s pissed!

Should they consider doing a sequel, I’d find it really cool if they could warp him (back) to his gray period for a while. And make him match wits and muscle with a good contender. Heck, why not a crossover with heroes of other companies? (But wait, the real action sequence would be the real-life rights battle about it. LOL).

I just read four excellent reviews. Two from folks who attended a preview screening; Hollywood Reporter and E!Online, the other two.

My god. Of Course they had to resort to CGI. Even if they had a live actor play the part, CGI would have had to have been used.

From what I’ve read, the CGI looks astounding. Ang Lee has done a tremendous job - again. What a filmmaker he is.

I already got this on DVD (don’t ask how) and it just wasn’t as good as i thought it would be, and I’m a huge Hulk fan.

Doogie… Shrek… ROFLMAO… too funny!!!

Yeah I hear you about the CGI. I still think that it will be 100 times better then some guy in green paint. For anyone who read the comic book a bodybuilder in green paint is just not believeable. Just like people who only saw the TV show might think that a monster that big who can toss tanks around is unbelieveable. Besides I think a lot of the people who have been complaining about the CGI will be suprised. The movie was only finished about a week ago. All the previews were done before the CGI was completely finished and all the official reviews from reporters who saw the official screening have been really positive. There have been complaints going around from people who saw the version going around on the internet. The CGI is not done. That version doesn’t even have music or sound effects. So we’ll just see how it comes out.


from what I’ve heard the version currently available is early preproduction and not nearly as good as the production version.

Thanks for posting a picture of me. I tried some new tanning oil, but it turned out to be broccoli extract. Hey, it’s good for your insides, why not your outsides?

Aside from being green I don’t see the resemblance

JW, your welcome. I just wanted everyone to see the new tanning trend you started. Good work. LOL.

I saw Hulk a few days ago, and I thought it was weak. Ang Lee did a brilliant job directing it, and the CGI looks good for the most part, but a great directing job + great special effects + bad story still = bad movie.


He needs to do deadlifts!

I’m catching the sneak preview of it on Monday and I can’t wait.

All this complaining about “too much CGI” is silly. It simply pushes the technology to the next level. When they are bordering on near reality, you gotta know that someday soon it will seem as real as the “real thing”. Its the only way to attempt to capture the true image of the Hulk character from the original comics anyway.

Its like this “Osiris” gig for the Matrix. There are times when you wonder what you are looking at is real. Can you tell it isn’t? Sure. Now go watch Tron and the reality of technology sets in. Perhaps a scary thought, but a key tenet to the “postmodern” age.

Its gonna suck…waaaaay too much CGI.

He looks like a friggin cartoon. They should have used a real actor.

Oh my bad I thought the Hulk was a cartoon. My mistake. Sorry. :slight_smile:

They should have just used Lou. He’s still in shape. Slap enough green stuff on him and you wouldn’t know his age!