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June 1, 2002

On a similar note to the “cutting” thread a while back, where does everyone want to be physically (weight/body fat etc.) by June 1, 2002, the day that i see as the official start to the summer “three”. June-July-August. Personally, I would like to be in the neighborhood of 190 at 5.5% body fat, but i am not sure if the time is available…I will cut one final time for most of May, and am currently at 195 and about 7% or so i would say. I am 5 feet 11 to give you an idea. What are everyone’s goals…get ripped up for the t-vixen for the summer?..how many are thinking of vacationing at either the jersey shore or ocean city MD?..
What are your goals for this special day?

I aim for 220 lbs @ 10 % bf by June 1 2003 (not 2002). I am around 230 lbs now, bf% irrelevant - too high anyway. :slight_smile:

Since I don’t care what people think of how I look, I’m going to do a bulking phase starting in May complete with breathing squats, milk, lots of food & raw meat shakes. (well not the raw meat shakes) I’m hoping to get to 240-245 (& solid) by the end of August at the latest, but will probably get there sooner.

Okay, I’ll play. Let’s see I’m about 122lbs right now, 11% - even though I believe as of today, I’m closer to 9-10%. And I’m 5’4". I’ve dropped some BF. And how I can tell? My waistline has dropped a notch in my “measurement” belt. I have this belt I wear with jeans, and when I get down to the very last notch, I know I’m contest ready, the second to last notch? I’m definitely lean and mean. Well, that’s one way, and also, using the mirror.

I'd like to be 8% by July. I've got a group show in June (art) and we're going to sunny San Diego late July through early August so I can sell and display more art and Ko can play (he's never been to San Diego). I don't want to be "ripped to the bone" for any of this - however, I'd like to be more lean. And that'll be our "week off" from the gym - so I'm training like a banshee until then.

Well, I finally bought a Tanita scale and since December 1, I’ve lost 21 pounds (first time I weighed myself). My goal by June 1 is to lose approximately another 10 pounds (1 more dress size). Right now I’m 5 foot 7 inches at 145lbs (bodyfat is truly embarrassing, so I won’t mention it). It took me about three years to gain all this weight, so I feel I’m making good progress. My first goal is to get to my desired dress size, then I’ll focus on ‘looking good nekkid’ = lowering my bodyfat level. My lifting isn’t where I’d like it to be due to nagging low back and knee injuries, but it still has helped me with my goals.