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jumpstretch + renegade training

Hey do any of you that are training renegade style use bands or chains at all? If so has it helped alot with speed or do you think it would help alot?

Yeah we use bands. Not all the time but they certainly have their place. My favorite place to add bands is on a glute ham gast machine. I don’t normally use a machine for this so when I get a chance I’ll use the bands. As for it helping a lot, they are definitely worth the 20 bucks or so that they cost. Remeber that you train to be devastating amist the “FOG of WAR.”

I am currently using chains only for DE bench days. I was using chains for my DE squats but strained some ligaments in my right hip. I’ve also used bands for reverse band bench press. Chains definitely help build explosive speed strength. Before injuring my hip I was able to increase my squat from 335 to 415 in 2 months time. This is on the box. Unfortunately, I have now just began squatting 135.

I use the chains and the bands but not for more than 3 weeks. There is a lot of eccentric stress with the bands but they are great for speed.

Just wanted to say that my hips are getting a lot better due to using some of Coach Davies’ hip mobility work. I’ve also been easing back into it. Squatting 185 now. Goal now is to increase ROM before increasing weight.

Chains can be highly effective within Renegade Training BUT you need to carefully ensure that you are not exceeding the %'s in the lifts.

Machine - great work with the mobility work, in time you will notice a huge improvement of dynamic ROM and all levels of performance.

In faith,
Coach Davies