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JumpStretch or IronWoody


I am going to get a set of bands. Would you suggest JumpStretch or IronWoody. The main difference seems to be that the jumpstretch are color coded.


Jumpstretch all day, I have had 2 iron woody bands pop on my deadlift platform, not good! So if you are planning on pulling deads with them doubled, I would go with the jumpstretch. Benching and whatnot I haven't had a problem with the woodys though.


I thought I heard they were made in the same factory....?? Could well be wrong tho.

I've Iron Woody Mini's that I use while benching. Seems to be pretty much the exact same to the Jump Stretch minis.

I've use JS light and average bands for pushdowns etc and they seem great.

If you're looking for mini's to bench with - Iron Woody.

For everything else I'd probably pay extra and get the Jump Stretches.


they are the same bands. the coatings and dye are different


I've had JS for ~6 years, they're still OK.
There is no coating on JS bands, the colour is present all through (I've cut a mini, so I know).
robo how do you KNOW they are the same?
For the record I haven't seen any IW bands yet, though a girl in our club is getting some.


boffin, I was told this by the people at iron woody, that they use the same machines and manufacturing process as jump stretch. Only difference is the coating and dye. this was back when they first started selling them a couple years ago. I have no reason to doubt his claim. Call them up and ask for yourself


Guess I need to hit the gym more seriuosly I thought Iron woody meant something else.


Iron woody has no reason to lie now do they? Could it be they are trying to sell you a cheaper product and pass it off as the same quality, companies have been known to do that, now haven't they?

I can tell you from experience because I have used both, multiple times, they are not the same. I used woody bands twice on a deadlift platform and they popped within 3 pulls off of it, not wear and tear put popped.

Thank God it wasn't during warmups and not during a heavy attempt. Been using the JS for many sessions ever since, yet to have one pop, but they will wear over time. If you aren't pulling with them then, it doesn't matter, the Woody's work fine.

Just because a manufacturer, whose job it is to sell you their product, tells you they are the same, doesn't mean they are the same. I don't have a dog in this fight or am I sponsored by either or anything like that, I have no reason to steer you wrong, but I will speak up when I feel something could be unsafe and like I said, if you are planning on pulling heavy deads with bands, then go with the JS.


Hell, I would like to spend less money too, but sometimes it is worth the extra dollars you have to fork out.


I was told the same thing, except Iron Woody claimed the dye lessened the durability of the bands an will break sooner.Thats why they only label/mark a cpl inches of the band for customers to I.D. them.
Any truth to this I am not sure as I have only had Iron Woody bands; an not for very long though.

Also as a side note, pallet banding can be used as the same use.No not the saran wrap type, but there are actual large rubber bands that are used to hold barrels on a pallet;together.Only problem is there is no weight resistance for you to measure w/.Like we know a band is rated for say 50lbs, there is no way to tell w/ pallet banding.


I bought a set similar to this one:


A friend at my gym bought a set from jumpstretch.

The jumpstretch bands have their name stamped on them and cost a LOT more. Otherwise, they are the same.


I have both and always thought that they were supposed to be the same thing, until I got some JS bands. The jumpstretch are much better quality.

I live in south texas and have to keep my iron woody bands in the refrigerator because they melt in the garage. When I got my js bands I forgot to put them in the fridge and I found they don't melt.

I will stick with jumpstretch from now on, and I'm as cheap as they come. Sometimes you get what you pay for though.


JS & IW are exactly the same, both in manufacturing process and type of rubber used. Difference is the dye. I own sets of both types.
Prowriststraps.com carries them and usually has good deals on band packages.
use discount code JELICK for 15% off


yep they work a treat - not much different between prowrists, iron woodys and jumpstretches


Got mine direct from J/S ~ 2001 and they dont have anything stamped on them.


Hmm there's a set of JS's in my gym with the name stamped on. Must be a new thing they're doing.


Guess so.