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Jumpstretch bands

Has anybody used the jumpstretch bands? I’m considering buying a few bands for training on the road. Is there a cheaper version available?


Jump stretch bands are great. I use them alot for gpp and rehab on my elbow. They are definetly worth the money.

Topper Supply Co. in Colombus, Ohio. The bands are cheapter, but are lesser quality, too. Jumpstretch bands are seamless, the Topper ones aren’t.

get the jumpstretch bands. there’s another company who sells them, but get the originals. i here they are better quality.

I just ordered 2 jumpstretch bands and 2 weight realeasers from www.elitefitnesssystems.com the bands are approx $20 per band depending on which ones you get and considering the benefit they can provide to your training I’d say they’re pretty cheap. The weight releasers are a little more expensive.