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Jumpstart's Training Log


Just started the Sheiko beginner program, looking to up the big three by a bit. Anyway, currently weighing in at 84 kg (188 lbs). Not too worried about weight, just trying to get a bit stronger like I said. Aim is to be able to bench 115 kg, squat 140 and dl 150. If I'm being fair to myself, current maxes are in the vicinity of 100 on bench, 120 on the squat and 130 dead.

Anyway, have done the first two workouts so going to post them up, then continue as I progress through the program.


50kg 5x1, 60kg 4x2, 70kg 3x2, 75kg 3x5

Felt pretty good, coming off a two-week layoff as I had. In hindsight, this probably wasn’t the best thing.

60kg 5x1, 70kg 5x2, 90kg 5x5

This was pretty painful. My percentage mathematics was a little bit out, and I took 70% of 120 as 90 instead of 85kgs. Still, I got through it, although the last set wasn’t worth a pinch. Began to feel that Sheiko wasn’t going to be as easy as the first lot of bench made it seem.

50kgs 5x1, 60kgs 5x1, 70kgs 4x4

This second round also sorted me out, struggled to get through the second and the final lot of 70’s. Was really looking forward to the finishing the assistance work so I could get out of the gym at this point. Wrists were aching pretty badly by this point.

10x5 10kg

This is an exercise I have never really done, and am only doing it under sufferance with this program ( and because I was too stuffed after the bench to think about changing anything). I have never liked it as I find it causes a lot of pain in my shoulders. Anyway, I guess it had to be done sooner or later, I’m just a bit wary of these, so I used the 10kg bells, which didn’t make it hard to do, but still put more pressure on my shoulders than I like.

Good mornings
5x5 60kgs.

Another exercise I don’t do as often as I should because I feel strange doing it. Probably need to do a bit more research on this one, since my form is really all over the place. Will up weight and stay stricter on form next time.


Deadlift to knees
65kg 3x1, 75kg 3x1, 90kg 3x2, 100kg 3x4

No problems here, everything went up smoothly and felt pretty good

Incline Bench
6x4 70 kgs

Was still pretty bushed from the last bench, so these hurt a lot more than normal. Had to drop weight to 65kg for the last set, and still nearly stapled myself on the final rep.

5x5 bw

This was the hardest 5x5 set of dips I’ve ever done. Was much harder than it should’ve been, but i’m going to put it down to a bit of carry-over from the last workout as well.

Deadlift from pins
55% 4x1, 65% 4x1, 75% 4x2, 85% 3x4

Went well until the third heavy set. Had a bit of trouble with that, and missed the last rep. Grip is just too weak to hang onto the bar, everything else is fine. Dropped to 125 kgs, did two more reps and then the final set.

5x5 45kgs

Another exercise I don’t like a whole lot. I always seem off balance with these, although I could probably go a bit heavier next time, sore forearms from holding the weight was more of a problem than leg drive.


Stock standard, nothing special here.


50kg 5x1, 60kg 5x1, 70kg 4x1, 75kg 3x2, 80kg 2x2,
75kg 3x2, 70kg 4x1, 60kg 6x1, 50kg 8x1

Bench went pretty well, had a bit of a struggle with the last triple after the hump and the set of four after that, but otherwise ok. Loaded the bar back to 90 after I finished and it flew up pretty easy, so I did another single with 95. This also went up pretty well with good form, so I was pretty stoked with that.

Used the 10’s again, once I start feeling a bit better with these I’ll try and progress by upping weight for a set at a time.

70kg 5x1, 80kg 4x1, 90kg 3x2, 95kg 3x5

Went reasonably well. The squat rack I use doesn’t have any room for lateral movement, so any shifts sideways mean that the weights on the bar bang against the rack on the way down. Bit of a pain, but helps to keep form tight I suppose. Having difficulty telling how deep I am getting, am trying to go deep but not ATG. Not so sure what can be done about this, as I am alone in the gym most of the time. I think I’m getting there most of the time, but it’s easy to cheat and hard to go by feel when the legs are burning during the last couple of sets>

Good mornings
5x5 70kg

These are ok. I find I bend my legs a bit in order to maintain my centre of gravity with these. I could keep them straight, but I find that if I do I have to use a lot less weight. Either way, I keep my back straight. The question is, should I drop weight and keep my legs stiff, or should I use the heavier weight and bend the knees somewhat?

Week 1 finished. Looking forward to week two, am enjoying focusing on the movements and being able to concentrate on form with this program. However, the volume has been a little tough, the palms of my hands and my forearms are still aching from day two, and my legs have been pretty much fried for a week. The only other time I’ve felt anything like it was after competing in rowing regattas, and it didn’t last for anywhere near as long!


65kgs 5x1, 75kgs 4x1, 90kgs 3x2, 105kgs 2x5

This went better than expected, was dreading the last couple of doubles, but found that although they were hard I still felt pretty good afterwards. I guess its cause the volume wasn’t real high, and that I had a full day off yesterday, avoided running where I’d usually at least go for a jog.

50kg 5x1, 60kg 4x1, 70kg 2x2, 80kg 3x5

I was finding this pretty easy and was pretty happy with myself, until I realised that I’d done 5 doubles on the 80kg instead of 5 triples. Was pretty annoyed with myself and was on a fairly strict timeframe so I decided to try push for one set of 5 on 80. I got this and found it not too bad, and am really happy with the form I had, although I do lose my set-up pretty badly when I take the bar out of the hooks. Am not really sure what to do about this? Any suggestions?

10x5 10 kg

These are no longer feeling like they are going to destroy me. In fact, I think that I’ll increase weight for a set next time I have to do them.


Was happy with this as well, felt pretty strong doing these, which is a bit odd, as normally I find them more difficult than I feel they should be.

Front squat
60kg 3x2, 70kg 3x2, 75kg 2x4

Haven’t front squatted in quite a while, and tbh thought that this would be murder. It wasn’t though, although I did find it pretty tough to keep the bar high on the doubles.

Good mornings
5x5 70 kgs

Still looks weird to me in the mirror, still feel like I’m not doing them correctly, but would feel a bit silly lowering weight when I’m only doing 5 reps. Still, may have to as I feel like I’m wasting my time if the form isn’t right. Once again, I’m open to advice.

Have found on the whole that I have been immensely tired the last few days, slept for about twelve hours yesterday, and that seemed to do the trick. I have also been ridiculously hungry, so have been eating non-stop the last few days. Am craving carbs constantly at night, but so far have managed to have just a couple of cheat meals and am keeping the vast majority of my carb intake to the first half of my day and directly pre&post workout. Today my right shoulder has been aching a bit, which is a worry, but I’m hoping it’s just from sleeping badly on it (which is often the case) and not because the program is banging it up. I’m guessing its the former, as it actually felt ok during the bench today. Am hoping that the tiredness levels out soon, it’s ok at the moment when I have plenty of spare time, but will be a real problem when life gets properly busy in the next month or so. Anyway, will be back in two days to update again, so until then, this is it.


Deadlift to knees
65kg 3x1, 75kg 3x1, 90kg 3x2, 100kg 2x4

50kg 6x1, 60kg 6x2, 65kg 6x4

Deads were fine, and I got out all of the bench sets, but I have to say that I was struggling a bit by the last two sets of bench. However, I’m confident that I maintained pretty good form. Still, I don’t think I’d normally struggle with this, but I guess its due to the frequency I’ve been benching at. It always gets you when you least expect it.

10x5 (Set 1 12.5 kg, all others 10 kg)

Upped weight for one set, am feeling better and better with these as I do them more often.

Deadlift from pins
70kg 4x1, 85kg 4x1, 95kg 4x2, 105kg 4x4

Did these off pins about an inch higher than knees. Was happy overall, although second last set was a bit of a drag. Still, feeling pretty good.

5x5 @ 50kg

Did lunges today with a barbell on my back, found that I could add more weight, and could probably even add 10kg to the bar next time I do them. I suspect this is because the load is so much more stable with a barbell across the back as opposed to holding dumbbells. My question is this, am I better off doing lunges with a barbell across my back squat style, knowing that I can lift much heavier, or am I better doing lunges with dumbbells, given that my legs find it more challenging (presumably because of the unstable load) and given that it also provides grip training done this way. Any thoughts??? I can certainly feel a huge difference between the way my forearms feel today as compared to the way they felt last Thursday when I completed a similar work out.


Was going to do some hill running today but the body just didn’t feel like it after yesterday’s DL’s. Sore traps, and pretty sore hammies and groin made me think that it just might be better to have a whole day off.
Anyway, back tomorrow for more.


65kg 5x1, 75kg 4x1, 90kg 3x2, 105kg 2x5
65kg 5x1, 75kg 5x2, 85kg 4x4

Was meant to split this up either side of benching but too many people on bench at the time so did it all the way through. This may be the reason why I really struggled with the last couple of sets, was meant to use 90kgs for the last four but just couldn’t do it.

50kg 5x1, 60kg 4x1, 70kg 3x2, 80kg 2x2,
75kg 3x1, 65kg 5x1, 55kg 7x1

Bench is feeling easy, although I’m feeling it in the shoulders, probably due to benching six times in two weeks.

10x5 2x12.5 kgs, 3 x 10 kgs

Am progressing with these by upping weight for an extra set each workout. They seem to be feeling alright, not too hard to do anyway.

Good mornings
5x5 @60 kgs

Dropped weight on these, and feel that it was a good idea. Much better form, and isolated the lower back much better.


Ok so late posting, due to work etc, here’s Tuesdays w/o

70kg 5x1, 85 4x1, 95 3x2, 110 2x4

These felt ok, though form was a bit crappy.

50% 5x1, 60% 4x1, 70% 3x2, 80% 3x6

These went up, but I didn’t feel anywhere near as good on bench as I did last week

10x5 3 x 12.5 kg, 2 x 10kg

10x5 bw

50% 3x1, 60% 3x1, 70% 3x1, 80% 3x4

These really sucked. Terrible last three sets, reps weren’t any good at all.

Good mornings
5x5 60 kgs

Felt very flat at the end of this, not great at all. Did all the reps though, and hopefully its just the norm for this stage of the program.


Deadlift 2 plate deficit
65kg 3x2, 75kg 3x2, 85kg 3x4

Felt pretty weak, but haven’t pulled from a deficit in a while, so probably has a bit to do with it. Grip didn’t feel great, not very tight, but was holding it pronated.

50kg 5x1, 60kg 4x1, 70kg 3x2, 80kg 2x3, 85kg 2x2, 80kg 3x2

Not feeling so strong at all, really had to struggle to get the reps, but kept form pretty good throughout.

10x5 12.5kgs

Went up in weight again, really felt these after the bench.

Deadlift from pins
75kgs 4x1, 90kg 4x2, 105kg 3x2, 120kg 2x3

This was good, which was a pleasant surprise, used mixed grip for last two weights and held on pretty easily, and pulled from pins set just below knee. Bodes pretty well for retesting maxes in two weeks.

5x5 with 25kg dumbbells

Couldn’t use a bar as they were all in use, so just used the db’s again.
Felt pretty flat for the whole session, so was happy about the pin pulls, but still feeling a lot worse on bench than I did last week.



65 5x1, 75 4x1, 90 3x2, 105 3x6


50 5x1, 60 4x1, 70 3x2, 80 3x7


10x5 2@ 12.5 3 @ 10

Military press

4x5 2 @ 50 , 3 @ 45

Rowing machine - 2km - 8:36

Went pretty poorly, the last triples of squats I struggled for depth, and the last triples of bench I struggled to get off the chest and also to lockout. Flies were weak, chest was fried. Used a 50kg barbell for the first couple of sets of military press, but felt like my shoulders were going to pop, so went back to dumbbells and used 22.5s. Pretty weak day, but also rushed it cause I was short on time. Added a bit of rowing at the end since I haven’t been doing enough cardio. Absolutely stuffed at the end.


65kg 5x1, 80kg 4x1, 90kg 3x2, 105kg 3x5

55kg 5x1, 65kg 5x1, 75kg 4x5

10x5 10kg


Front squats
50kg 5x2, 65kg 4x2, 75kg 3x3

Squats and bench were pretty good, had to drop weight for the flies, shoulders were pretty tight and sore doing them. Dips were terrible, was meant to be doing 5 sets of eight, but just couldn’t lock out the reps above five. Front squats were ok, but probably struggled a little bit for depth. Feeling pretty stiff as a result of this.


50kg 5x1, 60kg 4x1, 70kg 3x2, 80kg 3x2, 85kg 2x3

65kg 3x1, 75kg 3x1, 90kg 3x2, 105kg 3x2, 115kg 2x3, 105kg 2x3

50kg 5x1, 60kg 5x1, 70kg 5x4

10x5 @ 10 kg

Rowing machine, 1km 4:00
Bench was ok, bar speed a little slow on the higher weights, but overall ok. Deads were really solid, although my joints are feeling pretty stiff and sore at this point. Flies were weak, but I left the weight low due to being sore in the shoulders. Did a little bit of rowing for a bit of cardio, but felt low on energy so didn’t push it too hard.

Apologies over the confusing timing of posts, my computer has blown up making it a bit difficult to get online straight after training and post. Also, the training is a bit compressed, have to get four sessions in this week instead of three due to working so much last week, so that’s the reason for having back to back sessions.


Ok, so it’s crunch time. Had a nice easy couple of days, did a little bit of GPP but nothing intense, and just relaxed, and today its time to test maxes for squat and deadlift.

Squat 4 x 60, 3 x 80, 2 x 95, 2 x 110 (missed 1st, got second), 2 x 120 (missed both), 1 x 130, 1 x 135 kg.
Deadlift 1 x 60, 1 x 80, 1 x 100, 1 x 120, 1 x 140kg.

Squats were a bit hard, its difficult when I’m training to determine depth, so as it turns out, what I thought was getting depth wasn’t really getting there at all. Consequently, once the weight started getting up, I started to miss a few squats. After missing twice at 120, was pretty discouraged, but concentrating on form I managed to get 130, and then got 135kg (albeit with very slow bar speed). I’m pretty sure that there wasn’t anymore than 135 in the tank, the rep at 135 was an looong armwrestle with gravity, felt like it took hours to get out of the hole.

Still, whereas before I started I felt that 120kg was a true max ( and it may well not have been, just based on the depth that I felt was correct), I know now that I can lift 135 and take it all the way down and inch it all the way up again. Pretty good progress in a month I feel.

On the other hand, the deads flew up. I stopped at 140kg, but felt after that that 145 or maybe even 150kg was within reach. Nonetheless, that’s still a 10kg increase in a month, so I can’t really complain about it, especially when I was already pretty shattered from the squats.

Am testing bench tomorrow, which will be interesting indeed!


Tested bench today.

4 x 60, 2 x 80, 1 x 90, 1 x 100, miss @ 105kg.

Bit disappointing, the 100 went up pretty easily, and with good form. Got 105 a couple of inches of my chest, but then it just slowly went down the whole way. Was a pretty bad miss, I think technique had a lot to do with it, or maybe just a bit stuffed from yesterday, but anyway, there’s no point making excuses. Am going to change it up for a while and try bring up weak points. I guess, the good thing to know is that I had good form whilst doing the 100 lift. Definitely think that a higher lift is there, but it just has to wait for a while. Anyway, going to enjoy the rest of the deload and start again properly on monday!


Ok, will be joining a PL in a month or two, until then am going to run with a bit of westside style training. Need to strengthen my back, shoulders and tri’s, so will try to remedy this without losing too much on the main lifts. So, here’s yesterdays workout

Bench 8x3 60 kg’s for speed. Speed is a little behind where it should be, am attributing that to having the deload last week, but if it happens again, might need to rethink the weight.

Lockouts 3 x 4 @ 90 kg’s Felt a bit heavy, but am giving the same reason as for bench.

DB Shoulder Press 2x5 @ 27.5, 2x5 @ 22.5, 1x8 @ 22.5 Had to drop weight as couldn’t physically hit the reps on this one, and had to make a big drop in weight because of what I had at hand. Went to failure on the last set just to see where I was at using the two different weights.

Pull-ups 4,4,3,4,2 @ BW Not very strong at all here, really need to get this strength up. Did a couple of sets of 5 pull-downs just to get a bit of volume on the exercise. Should get better once I use do them a bit more frequently.

Dips 3x8, 2x5 BW See above. Just need to be doing these a lot more, I think.

RDLâ??s 5 x 10 @ 60kg


Squat 4 x 60, 3 x 80, 3 x 100, 3 x 105, 3 x 110, 3 x 115, 3 x 120, 1 x 125, 1 x 130

Went pretty well, am a little scared of pushing it out too hard on the heavy weights, since I have no spotter. Also very difficult for me to judge depth on the heavy lifts, and i’m guessing that if that’s the case, then I’m probably not getting deep enough.

Good Mornings 4 x 8 60kg, 1 x 8 70kg.

Will up reps to 10 and weight to 70 for all sets next time. Starting to get form right with this, can feel the fatigue in the lower back muscles, and I know i’m not going round in the back.

GHR’s 5 x 5

These are a real struggle. Can’t even do one with strict form, so am doing the hold out for as long as possible on the eccentric and the push-up to aid the concentric phase of the exercise. Anyway, just like the dips, I think I just need to be doing them.

Seated Row 5 x 5 (80, 90, 100, 95, 85)

Checked form with these today, and realistically my form breaks down around 85-90 kg mark. Will be using that weight range from now on in to give myself a better idea of progress.

Side Raises 5 x 10 (7.5,10,10,10,7.5 kg db’s)
Just want to do these to help a bit of shoulder stability, especially with the loading i’m putting on my shoulders at the moment.

Ab Circuit, 50 crunches, 35 medicine ball twists, 5 hanging pikes.

Am just getting this done so I can get out of there.

Rowing Machine 1 k @ 4:09, 500 m @ 1:45


2.2 k run, 9:40.

Not so great


Bench 70x3, 75x3, 80x3, 85x3, 90x3, 95x2, 95x1
Pull-ups 5,4,3,3,3 x BW, 5 x 70kg, 6x65kg
Triceps Pulldowns 5 x 10 @50,55,60,55,55kg
DB Rows 3 x 10 @ 27.5kg
Front Squat 5 x 5 @60kg
Stiff-legged Deadlifts 3 x 10@kg

Didn’t really have a spotter for bench so just stuck around the 95% mark rather than trying for max. Everything else went ok, except pull-ups, but I think even they went better than last time.


Ok, this is last Friday’s training

Squat 10 x 2 80kg
Didn’t really feel fast here. Will keep persevering though
GHRâ??s 5 x 5 BW
Good Mornings 5 x 5 80x2, 70x3
Military Press 5 x 10 40 kgs
Dips 5 x 10 BW
Abs Circuit

Ok workout, the main workset of squats wasn’t brilliant, but I guess it happens from time to time, am just getting into it. Struggling a bit with speed though, I’m not sure why, I have the feeling that bar speed would still be pretty slow even if it was empty.