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Jumps Squats..Scared?


Just wanted to hear everyone's rants and ravs about jump squats...


I remember watching your video and thinking "Holy Shit, Jump-Squats are Badass! I need to do them!"

They never gave me any problems. As long as you use an appropriate weight, like 20ish % of your Max, and you land right then I think you'll be safe.

But they just don't work that well for me. My Squat and Deadlift didn't really benefit. Then again, the only sort of speed training that has ever benefited my lifts has been Dynamic Box Squats. Box Jumps, Cleans, Snatches, and Broad Jumps never really did much aside from improving my Box Jumps, Cleans, Snatches, and Broad Jumps.

Maybe I just wasn't training them RIGHT.

Apparently Jump Squats and Pullovers are supposed to be THE exercises for Javlin. That's just what I've heard on the playground.


Yeah I can't see them really benefiting a powerlifter. The range of motion that I use is only a quarter/half squat. My sport is the shot put so it benefits me much.

go to my blog to see a crazy javelin deadlift by my buddy Bobby Smith (Olympic Jav winner 08) www.jonkalnas.blogspot.com



That is essentially a clean grip snatch, if that is the video you are talking about. We do them occasionally when our coach wants something different for warmups.


I CAN see the Jump Squat having a HUGE benefit for the Clean & Jerk, Log Press, Axle Press, Push-Press, or any overhead lift that allows for some leg drive.

Although I had put on a lot of strength, last April I hit a 70 pound PR in the Behind-The-Neck Jerk even though I hadn't attempted the lift in over a year.

I wouldn't be surprised if Jump Squats contributed to that.


Seems like an unnecessary movement that puts way too much pressure on the joints...Also seems like a great way to injure oneself


yeah you could call it that. If you notice (it's kinda quick) I am releasing the bar at the top then grabing back on just to control it/not break my face as it comes down.

elih8r...what sport are you participating in?



If you rush into it, yep, but if you think before you jump the average athlete should be alright.

As with all things you need to work into them. The thing with most weightlifters, is that they will not initially have the strength balance to benefit from them, but with time they could build up to it.

Best jump squats I have heard of was from Washington the World Discus champ in 99 who basically only did two lifts at his peak and 550lb jump squats were one of them.

They have a huge benefit to athletes who have to reverse, momentum, can't see the benefit to most lifters, except maybe in the jerk.


Jump squats can be done as in the video

or by very quick reverse of direction with minimal contact with ground (obviously less weight)

and coming from the bottom of a full squat with constant acceleration along the way.

Remember the Oz coach telling us that he saw the lighter soviets come off the ground in driving up from their squats in the weeks prior to the 72 OG.


Olympic weightlifting.We do it every now and then, because it forces a person to really crank on the weight to get it over head.


The only thing that scares me about jump squats is the video.

The "jump" requires force through the legs to generate the lift right. So surely it's a more powerful squat. In that respect then doing partial squats and jumping is just as bad for you knees as doing partials normal olympic squats. Also when he lands he's only letting his knees break slightly wouldn't that be bad again for the knees?


I like 'em a lot. I'll use like 135, hit the ATG and accelerate and jump through it. Is it helping me? Maybe, I think so. Fun? Shit yeah.


Partial Squats can have their place in a program the same way a 5-Board Press can have it's place in a program.

When you get kids who can't Full Squat 225 if they tried, but ALL of their Squat training consists of partial squats with 315, then you have a problem.

Think about it. If someone is squatting 315 with 8 chains per side, at the bottom they're squatting a little more than 315 but near the top they're doing a partial squat around 600 pounds.

And again, if you ignore the # of plates on the bar and just do the math, he's only doing jump squats with 225, which I'm guessing is about 30% of his Max based on another video of him squatting 585X11.

So this big guy landing with 225 on his back really isn't too different than if he was doing depth jumps off some high boxes.


I think jump squats are insane. No way it is safe to have a barbell come crashing down on your back. If you want to train explosively, why not just use Olympic lifts?


What's with all these people who are afraid of jump squats? If you don't want the bar to come "crashing down on your back," don't let go of it. It's pretty simple.


Its the equivalent of having some heavy ass thing unexpectedly smash onto your back. It can't be good for your knees, ankles, or posterior chain; they could definitely take some damage.

You may call think I'm a pussy, but even if I am, I'm a smart pussy. I'll stick to box squats for explosiveness....


Are you aware of what happens in a Squat Clean?


Unexpectedly? Are you reading or something during your set?

Done concentric-only (more productive, I feel, depending on your goals) you can use even less weight than usual (and you can use less still if you start from the bottom), so we're really not talking about very much weight unless you're ridiculously strong and explosive.


again should "you" do jump squats, probably no.

Are they bad, because you might have trouble, no.

At your US Ol training facility Tom Petranoff has his juniors doing depth jumps from the 11' roof of the equipment shed.

Should you (or I) do depth jumps from 11', probably not, without a lot of conditioning. Should they ???
Well if they are going to have knee problems at the end of sprinting 40m and then planting (decelerating over two paces - jav throwers) they may as well find out now.

and they don't have problems because they are conditioned for it.


Yeah, I agree. I was just trying to infer that in my opinion jump squats are not for newbies.