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Jumps, Squats and Weak Knees.

So i spent last summer on the Starting Strength program and was making good progress as i had little else to do but hit the gym.

But then volleyball season started and i kept on doing the program, but in a few weeks time my knees were getting sore and i couldn’t keep squatting if i wanted to keep playing.
I’ve been trying to find solutions but as long as i’m playing it seems i can’t keep on doing my squats.
Although i can get away with deadlifts and power cleans without any pains, after squatting my knees get stiff and sore right below the kneecap.

My question is: What can i do to play volleyball and squat at the same time without knee problems?

try low bar squats? Rippetoe style

I find them much easier on the knee (and back) than high bar squats, which I assume your doing