Jumps & Loaded Carries

Hi CT,
You have been advocating a lot of jumps and carries into your program. Can you give us some examples of which jumps and carries you would use for a particular day? For ex. would you use the same jump that you use during a squat day compared to a push day? Any recommendations for jumps would be appreciated.

regarding loaded carries:
"You would be better off doing heavy carries as a second workout. Although it sounds counterintuitive you will actually build more muscle this way.

Bench day: Bear hug carries; hold on to a couple of 45lbs plates on your chest and walk… if you can’t do it with 90lbs you can use pair of 35lbs or a single 45lbs plate

Squat day: yoke walk; put the bar on your shoulders and walk

Military press day: overhead walk; hold a barbell overhead, fully locked an behind your ears and walk (obviously use some weight if you can)

Deadlift day: DB farmer’s walk "

for those without a yoke bar, is it okay to use a regular bb to do the weighted walks?

you also mentioned the db mid chest carries with both hands and elbows pointed out. you are only using one db horizontally and squeezing on the sides of the db correct?