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Jumps and/or Med Ball Throws w/ Building the Monolith

Wondering if it’s possible, in regards to recovery, to add a day of some box or squat jumps and med ball slams or chest passes to Building the Monolith? I’m on week 2 of the program and am really enjoying it t but miss having some power moves in my routine. As opposed to a separate day maybe I could add them to the end of a workout? I know the program is brutal as is but I didn’t want to not ask. Thanks

You can do some box jumps or med ball slams before you start your main lifts (during your warm up) or you can super set them between exercises or you can do them at the end. It won’t impact the program one bit.

You would be training 7 days a week with an added day. What are you doing for conditioning?

Thank you for the responses. I’m walking and doing prowler walks/sprints for conditioning . . sometimes after my workout though, and not on ‘off days.’

Try doing the program as written first. The non-lifting day conditioning is helpful for recovery between sessions. Would also be a day to work in jumps or throws, along with before lifting sessions.