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Jumping Vids


I have been doing plyos for about a month now and recorded some vids.

5'8" 185-190lbs



And this one dropping off a chair. Any suggestions on this one? Chair height, etc?


Nice job! I'm guessing that your vert must be around 36" running. I think that you be able to jump higher if you perfect your jumping technique. Instead of a "hop" like you are doing, you should be doing more of a "jump-stop". That could easily add up to 3 inches to your jump.

I'll PM you some info to help you with that.


very nice.

that a 10ft hoop?


What do you mean by "jump-stop"?


I mean to approach a 2 footed jump more like a "1-2 step" than a mini 2 footed hop. You will retain more of the momentum that you built up that way.


I think you need to work on your landings. Doesn't look like you can absorb the force of the landings all to well

You have the leg strength, since I know you fullsquat more than me, at a lighter bodyweight, but you just don't fire them well

time for altitude drops. which may actually boost your jump quite a bit too.... :slight_smile:


Also your depth jump shows you lack force absorbtion, as it is way lower than your running jump probably too high for you at the moment

plus your knees are collasping inwards

work on altitude drops first


I never gave any thought to the landings. I'll start landing in a more athletic position than easing to the floor.

Altitude drops...do you mean depth jumps? How do I find the right height to drop off of?

Yeah, I realize that the leg strength is okay for now, but I started doing plyos because I didn't think I was making use of it.


I see what you mean about the knees going inwards. I think I am landing with my heels out a bit. On the drop jump my left heel is way out there.

I never did any kind of force absorption training. Only the OL and regular strength exercises. Probably explains the difference from my running and depth jumps.


I don't know if I am doing the depth jumps correctly. What I am doing is after I drop off, just an instant before I land (with my knees just a bit bend still) I give the ground a good kick at the moment I land.


Before powerlifting and gaining alot of mass, I had a 40" vert when I played b-ball. When I played, some people that knew what they were talking about always remarked that my second jump was as good or better than my first. In other words, if I'd go up, from standstill for a rebound, I could go right back up just as high or higher. The point is this; when you drop from the chair, you cannot achieve grabbing the rim as you had before. To me, this illustrates a potential weakness, and therefore, an opportunity to improve.

And by the way, your running vert may not be better than standing or with a hop...I was always better off two feet than one and I know guys the opposite. Michael Jordan v. Dominique Wilkins is a prime example of this.

Work on your reactive strength and ability to absorb and transfer force. Looks like you could use some box jumps (exploding onto box, coming down with a fraction of contact time and exploding back up for reps)...that and other drills will help you. You can also overload that drop jump you did with bands or dumbells...just make sure the tension is released when you strike the ground...check in innosport.com as I believe they have some very good material on athletic performance and improving reaction, etc. I know I rambled but this space won't do justice to the body of material out there that you should research and implement. Good luck




My gym has one of those Vertimax jumping things where you can hold onto bands so that when you jump, they stretch and pull you down faster. What do you think about using that for getting better at force absorption and transfer?


I think that's good as long as the tension is released when you attempt to jump.



It is funny that you make that comment about people saying your second jump was higher. I play volleyball in college right now, and last year my high school coach used to always tease me when I hit the ball. I would take my spike approach and jump to attack the ball and after landing I would always reflexively just bounce up in the air. My coach always joked that I hit higher after I landed then when I was hitting. After learning a little more about biomechanics and stuff and reading a lot of the inno-sport stuff I realize it's just because I have good power absorption. That probably explains why I have a 33" standing vert but only squat 225 at a bodyweight of 190.

By "1-2" step, this is what Ze is trying to say (I think). You want to maximize the power you can transfer from your running approach into jumping. By taking that pro-hop, you greatly reduce the speed at which your "brake foot" (the foot that transfers your running momentum into upward velocity, your right foot it seems like) is contacting the ground. When you are jumping, you want to take a 3-step, 2-foot approach like this:

First step- Not very far out in front of you, a short, powerful step that allows you to really extend the second step.
Second step- A longer, more dynamic step, you should be trying to build as much speed as possible.
Third step- Should contact the ground just a split second after the second, this is what gives you a solid base to jump off of and throws yourself into the air.

The clip "tandem (4)" and "back row (3)" indicate what I'm talking about.

On a side note, what has your training looked like and what kind of results have you seen? I'm interested to hear. Grabbing the rim at 5'8" is not too shabby. Next stop: Slam Dunk!


I do an OL based routine. C&J, snatches, variations on these lifts, snatch grip deads, front/back/overhead squats, and reverse hypers. Once a week I have been doing a jumping workout followed by incline bench, chins, and curls
@ BW 185-190, front squat 330, back squat 405, haven't maxed out on any dead variation in a really long time.
Snatch 205, C&J 240, now started from scratch to improve techniqu, mainly the 2nd pull.


altitude drops are just like depth jumps, except you don't jump. You just land, stick it and absorb. On the balls of the foot, trying for max softness and quiteness

if the heels collaspe or you feel shockwave vibations travel through the body then it's too high. Start low and work up and keep the volume low. Very taxing neurally. And it may disrupt training a few days later

As far as heights for depth jumps go, its kinda complicated, but if you do a bit of reading around in the usual sites you should find the info :slight_smile:

There is a video around with Adam Archuleta doing em from 6 feet high :slight_smile:
He lands perfectly, under control and softly. Obviously a strong person relative to his bdoyweight with great force absorbtion capactities...there's probably about 5+ times his bodyweight acting on his body at impact...


I wonder what I would look like on video now, I could get a little higher on the rim at 5'8" before I started lifting.


Thanks Jtrinsey, those clips showed what I was talking about. See how they stepped into their two foot jump rather than hop into it?



That sounds good, I'm just curious as I'm a fellow athlete in the quest for a higher vert as well. That is definitly an impressive back squat. I'm hoping I can get mine over 300 by the end of the school year. Of course, being a 6'4" lanky bastard doesn't help in that regard either.

One question I have is, when you do the oly lifts, do you land in a full squat position? I ask this because it seems like you are a little weak in the power absorbtion facet. Ideally, the oly lifts should provide that. Just curious.