Jumping Rope

Why isn’t jumping rope as “popular” on these message boards/articles? At my school skipping rope is a staple in the workout programs for ALL sports.

It just seems so “sports specific” and almost nobody has mentioned or wrote about it here.

Is there another side to it?

John Davies writes about it as do others for conditioning. Excellent for all sports!

jumping rope is excellent for coordination/aerobic/anaerobic fitness/limb quickness…

this is a “strength” forum, i doubt anyone uses jump rope here to improve power/strength… instead i’m sure a bunch of people here would use it as a warmup/recovery tool/cardio. a bunch of the mma/boxing enthusiasts would benefit greatly from using it to improve hand/shoulder quickness (since there is very low external resistance), as well as quickness endurance (speed rope + intervals/long bouts).

for the majority (if not all) of well trained athletes, jumping rope is not going to increase limit strength or explosive strength, so that’s probably why you won’t hear much about it in a “strength forum”.



I LOVE jumping rope its excellent! I’m a big guy so long running was never good for me, and swimming is a hassle-have to find pool usually crowded ext ext- so jumping rope has become my only cardio atm. Though I want to implement hill sprints-I know of a few really good hills near by me-

I use a weighted jump rope so its good for my shoulders also.

Also its fun, people watch you doing all sorts of interesting stuff with jump rope. Nothing gets my heart going like a FAST jump rope cycle.

I really think its one of the better choices of cardio out their, very cheap and quick.

Jump rope is great for quickness of the feet.

I understand what you all are saying. Thanks for the responses. Still I rarely if at all hear universal coaches such as Defranco, bagget, etc. talk about jumping rope. I didnt know if there was a better way of bettering footwork/foot strength.

What do you think about jump roping barefoot?

I’ve been doing tabata method with jump rope lately. It is very nice. Doesn’t cause the damage and stress that thrusters cause so I’m able to repeat it three or four times per week.

jump rope is great by the way.

[quote]Welcome2TRME wrote:
What do you think about jump roping barefoot?[/quote]

I prefer to skip rope this way. I think it helps strengthen the ankle and supporting joints more than when you wear shoes. I will say that if you are going to skip rope w/o shoes, make sure you’re on a surface that has a bit of give to it.