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Jumping Rope

I do this pretty regularly with a speed rope. I find it very enjoyable. Who else does this, we should start a club lol. Anyway here is an inspirational jump roping vid from rosstraining of a very advanced athelete. ENJOY!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lVkYjp4mqnc

wow. and I thought I was good. That vid was sick.

Yeah Ross is a beast! He has a video of him doing triple unders!! I can’t even do double unders. Jump rope is a great exercise, I do it a few times a week as well.

That guy is official!

I jumped rope 2 daya ago for the first time in a year.

16 min (1min on, 1min off)

Holy shit my calves are a mess.

It’ll take a week before they feel better.


I didn’t think that doing 8 ‘sets’ was overdoing it. Man was I wrong.