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Jumping Rope Protocol?


I am just now getting into jumpig rope and building up capacity. I had tried jumping rope several times previously and gotton bored. I came across a program that had cool moves like single leg jump, straddle jumps etc etc...and thats what interested me.

Does anyone have any good jump rope protocols? thanks.


Longer sets are aerobic based, where shorter sets target your anaerobic energy systems. Work on technique daily. You can always add a basic conditioning routine using the basic jump and alternating one foot, as well as other easy moves(ex the side to side jump, front to back). Take your time trying trying the power jump/double under for consecutive jumps. This is not something that happens overnight, and takes many months to perfect(sometimes years).

The way I would do it: Practice a new skill when fresh, then do a conditioning routine set to your goals(ex 6 sets of 1 min rounds using speed, 3 sets of 3 min rounds, etc..). The example routines are guidelines, tailor them to your proficiency and work capacity. I would practice harder jumps daily, where using the rope as a conditioning too maybe 2-3 times a week depending on other things you do as part of your conditioning routne!!!!


Get to the point where you can go for a couple minutes just jumping on two feet, then move up to the harder shit.

But really- what the fuck do you need a protocol for? I just work everything in as I'm jumping- single legs, alternating, running, crossovers, etc. You don't need someone to outline it for you... it's amongst the simplest exercises in the world..


I like to work towards a goal..If I have a protocol I may only be able to do parts of it but its a good goal to work towards.


Numbers always worked for me. Try to do 50 regular skips, then 50 running skips, then 50 alternating ones, and then as many crossovers as you can do. Just keep upping the numbers and switching which jump. You can probably come up with tons of shit to do. And it's way more fun then running.


Ah finally something I know I'm good at! Well, competent at least... Depends on what you're after.

If you want HIIT I use a 20 min. session starting with 100 double unders and finishing out the first 5 min. with a combination of high knees runners, alternating sets of one foots (10x10), feet-only jumping jacks, and side to sides. Start the next 5 min. with another 100 double unders followed with the same. Repeat. Then on the last set, leave enough time for a final set of 100 double unders.

I've also used the jump rope between sets during weight training.

I've also used a 10 min version of the HIIT session as a morning metabolism booster/wake up call.

As I've mentioned on the board here before, wear long sleeves while learning the double under. Welts on your arms from the missed jumps hurt like hell.


Goal: Jump for longer and faster than before each next time you hit the rope.

Also you can buy heavier ropes for increased challenge.

Is crossover the same as "the boxer" or "boxer style" ??? Where you just cross your feet back and forth really fast when you jump? The boxer sounds a lot cooler and tuffer, so I call it that.


Oh yea you can also throw in double revolution jumps (ie, jump real high and swing the rope around twice) in at the end of a set, those will get you good and tired. I had 15 in a row earlier in the summer, that was pretty hard.


double rev jumps = double unders


Criss-cross, crossover, boxer, whatever works for you.

I'd recommend heavier weighted handles as opposed to heavier rope. It's a joint thing in from my experience (not the weed kind).


ive never gotten bored with jump rope.. just put the ipod on and jump..

i like 3 minute intervals, 1 minute rest..



The way I've done it, do double unders. The "rest" is when you're doing regular jumps.


I mix jump rope and another exercise, usually a total body exercise. I pair squat thrusts and jump rope together.

Here's what I do:

I pick a pair of dumbbells. I do squat thrusts (with the jump at the end, not simply standing up) until i can't do them anymore. I don't count reps. Immediately after I do squats thrusts, I do jump rope until I can't do it anymore. Thats one round. I do as many rounds as I can in 15 minutes. I try to do more and more rounds each session (though not always successful).

Its kinda like a metabolic pairing.


Workout ideas are endless with a jump rope.....just be creative and have a some system of progression.


This is what I do :slight_smile:


This is a good method.

The possibilities really are endless... I just get under the rope and do whatever "trick" I feel like doing as fast as possible for as many reps as possible, then I switch to something else or rest with the heal toe style jump. I haven't jump roped in months, maybe I should start back.


Here's the "how to" video.



If you ever get bored, search "jump rope podcast". There's some insane stuff there that I wouldn't even try.


Lots of great suggestions and cool videos..Thanks guys..How often do you guys use jump rope in the week? thanks.