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Jumping Rope and Shoulder Training

Hi guys,
i used to train weights but gave up on it a year or 2 ago bcs i couldnt gain any mass, even after a decade of BBing and later powerlifting.
Due to the joint pains i decided to stop lifting forever and now all i do is pull ups, push ups, abs and jumping rope.
for jumping i use a speed rope and a heavy thai rope ( twins brand).
the problem is, if i do alot of push ups my shoulders cant handle the jumping and the opposit is true also.
I wonder how boxers can combine weight training, push ups, boxing and jumping rope.

Am i abnormal that i cant handle this or i am so poorly conditioned .
When i jump rope i only jump 10 min a session.
my max pull ups ( dead hang to chest) is 15
my max push ups is maybe 50 only

If it’s really that big an issue you could do:

10x1m rope with 1 min rest
5x10 push ups with 1 min rest

Over time reduce the rest peroid or increase the work period or both until you are doing a full 10 minutes of rope and the 50 push-ups.

There is direct carry over between delt work and jumping rope. If you think about the position that you put your rotator cuff in with each spin of the rope you will start to see what I mean. I have actually had shoulder pain from jumping rope before. But now I warm up my delts before I touch the rope. I love jumping rope but I won’t use the rope on the same day that I am going to do any upper body weight work.

One more point I would not give up on weights if I were you. Contrary to popular belief deltoids respond far better to lighter weights and higher reps than most muscle groups. Also, it is a very complicated joint unlike say the elbow. So, care needs to be taken when training them. Good form and higher reps are the key to keeping your delts strong and keeping them healthy as well.

Good luck with your pull-ups and push-ups both great exercises that actually compliment each other.

Kind of jumps out to me that you can only do 50 pushups but can do 15 dead hang pullups! I guess just another example of how everyone is different!