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Jumping Rope and Shoulder Stress

Hi guys,
i used to train weights but gave up on it a year or 2 ago bcs i couldnt gain any mass, even after a decade of BBing and later powerlifting.
Due to the joint pains i decided to stop lifting forever and now all i do is pull ups, push ups, abs and jumping rope.
for jumping i use a speed rope and a heavy thai rope ( twins brand).
the problem is, if i do alot of push ups my shoulders cant handle the jumping and the opposit is true also.
I wonder how boxers can combine weight training, push ups, boxing and jumping rope.

Am i abnormal that i cant handle this or i am so poorly conditioned .
When i jump rope i only jump 10 min a session.
my max pull ups ( dead hang to chest) is 15
my max push ups is maybe 50 only

The easiest way to combine weight training, push ups, boxing, and jumping rope is to split them up.

I boxed for ten years and I never found it very beneficial to do them together. Also, decide which is more important based on your end goal. The biggest issue is that form is pretty important in both weight training and boxing.

Once I hit my weight goals, I plan on doing a 4 day weight training split (M, T, TH, Sat) in the morning and a 3 day boxing training schedule (M W F) in the evening.

Edit: I had shoulder issues too; However, I tore my labrums (both) and had to have surgery.

How is your form on pushups? Arms at a 45 degree angle, shoulders down and back?

Also, pull-ups to chest are excessive, in my opinion. There are people who will disagree with me here but I’ve found that a lot of different muscles take over after the chin passes the bar, and it’s quite stressful on the shoulders. A shorter range of motion can help a lot.

You could try a workout eliminating jump rope and then one eliminating pushups, and so on until you’ve run out of shoulder dominant movements and see if there’s one that seems to cause more discomfort that the others, but I would also work on figuring out exactly what injury you have. I had/have a lingering labral tear in my right shoulder, coupled with some bursitis and a little chunk of bone that is floating aimlessly in there but with a ton of rehab and proper form I’m back to the 100s on DB incline with virtually no discomfort after not being able to do pushups. My point here is you might be able to solve this pain, and if it’s something fixable, even calisthenics can still aggravate it further. Still, I get where you’re coming from, since I’ve eliminated a ton of my favorite things to stay lifting heavy and feeling healthy.