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Jumping Rack Pulls????


I saw a guy doing rack pulls from just bellow knee height and jumping at the top of the movement. What are you alls opinon on this? It seemed pretty cool but im new to training, less than a year so i wanted to know if anyone else does this. It seemed like it could be good for a speed day.


I'm going to write it off as stupidity, but perhaps someone else will chime in and shoot me down. Normally, a rack pull is accompanied by more weight than one's pull from the floor and I can't imagine jumping very high with a loaded barbell in hand, not to mention the increased risk of injury this puts you in as opposed to the very low reward I'm speculating.


Agreed. This is stupid and dangerous. If you want to jump with weight, get a weighted vest.


He could've been an oly lifter practicing cleans.

Was he doing something like this:


Very well could have been something like that. I've seen videos of Chinese weightlifters doing high pulls from the blocks.
But then, that was from blocks, with bumper plates...


jumping squats are fun


Yeah, my first thought is "Olympic training."


When my back is killing me and I have to do some power cleans or power snatches, I just do power jumps from blocks but after jumping, I let the bar drop free so when I get back to the ground, I don't have any extra weight to stop. Works like a charm.



Even watching them can be fun.


I'm still not sure about how I feel about this exercise yet. I had seen it done before with very weak choked bands (for bar stability I'm sure) that were done very very well. Someone was training for football and used several hundred pounds (not sure of number, def above 200 though). The guy was landing well (foot/ankle/knee/hip position)...

With all that said, don't do it if you're a beginner, at all. work on jumps, and if you want to add resistance, hold onto a db or use LIGHT bar weight on your bar -not jumping on a box-

Unless you're very strong and have your squat and deadlift technique locked in, dont worry about adding weight for jumps, still gotta hit the basics and master them.


pft, that chick needs to double the weight and squat all the way down...topless


We used to do Jump Shrugs in college for FB. I like them. Dont need to be done in a rack though. It helped my clean. Not dangerous at all either. Can't comment on what your fellow was doing though as I didn't see it.


It's a move used to improve power for those who may not have sufficient flexibility to pull from the floor while maintaining proper alignment while emphasizing the concentric portion. A sort of top half clean pull, it also works the often neglected type 2b muscle fibers. In other words if done correctly it can improve your deadlift.


I do these. I prefer to do a snatch from blocks, but my gym doesnt have blocks. So I do them from pins in a rack. Its a good movement for throwing. You really have to explode to move the weight.

Then my gym changed the racks and now I can't get the bar overhead. So I do cleans from the pins. Its not as good, but still useful.

Did the guy look like he knew what he was doing? Maybe he is a thrower.