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Jumping on the Tren


So after gaining some experience with other drugs, I have decided that it is time for me to take Tren into the equation.
It will be my overall fifth cycle. So far I have had no problems whatsoever with any gear, only very mild side effects ever, which is why I am even considering Tren.

Me: 30y.o. 6'3, 220 at 12% body fat or so (somewhere just north of the abs borderline), been training for 12 years.

I was thinking something along this line:

50mg Test Prop ED wk 1-8
50mg Tren Ace ED wk 1-8
PCT Tamox 20mg ED

I don't want to add a third drug. Some questions:

1) I have used Arimidex as my AI for the past cycles and it worked very well for me. I am aware of the advantages Aromasin has over Arimidex. However, at 350mg per week the Test dose is very low. Would you recommend I switch or stay with what I know?

2) hcg. Never used before, but often recommended with Tren. Should I or what?

3) In my research, I have found some sources recommending a lot of expensive side effect management tools such as Cardadrine, Caber and N2Guard. People trying to sell stuff or necessary?

4) Regarding the Test dose, I have read a plethora of different opinions. Some say bomb Tren and keep Test low, some say the total opposite, some say keep both relatively low (which I have done above).
If anyone has a quality resource dealing with that issue, I would be grateful for a link.


tren might raise prolactin (actually, test might as well, in some people), so having caber on hand isn’t a bad idea. (tren isn’t as bad at raising prolactin as deca is, though).

as far as Cardarine, N2Guard and Ostarine in PCT, the company that pushes/sells that is full of shit.

N2Guard might be a decent enough vitamin/liver protection supplement, but it’s absurdly expensive. you can find the same ingredients for 1/10 of that price elsewhere.

if anybody pushes SARMs (LGD, S4 or Ostarine) in PCT, they are idiots. all 3 have shown to be suppressive at “bodybuilding” doses, so they will delay any recovery.

Cardarine may or may not actually work… i tried it out a while back, and found it to actually screw up my endurance for MMA (i gassed quicker in my rounds, but i caught my breathe way quicker, like 15 seconds instead of a minute). i’m not sure if anyone here thinks it’s worth it or not…

as far as A-dex vs Aromasin, i’d suggest staying with A-dex if it works for you. Aromasin has some interesting properties, but i think for most people, it’s gonna be a bit more expensive…


I was under the impression the SARMs were for during the cycle, not PCT.

As far as N2Guard is concerned - yes it is very expensive, but to get the same stuff elsewhere I would have to take a gazillion different pills and powers. Or is there some good combination alternative?