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Jumping Off Test Cycle to Get TRT Prescription

Hello! I have been injecting 150mg of testosterone Enanthate every 4th day for the last 2 months. I’m thinking of getting a TRT prescription by a doctor.

So that I need to now how long I need to wait from my last injection (16th of March) to have my testosterone levels as low as possible to be able to get a TRT prescription.

My natural levels is 320ng/dl or 11nmol.
I need to be at 230ng/dl or 8nmol and lower to get a prescription.

Any help is appreciated!

According to steroid plotter, it appears that after 30 days your blood concentration will be 1% of you peak value (35 to .35) and after 40 days you would be essentially zero.

This does not take into account your bodies ability to recover and restart its own test production though, and this graph is general, obviously it is dependent on the person’s metabolism as well

I’d wait well over a month. Its gonna be a shitty month too, levels dropping that low you are going to feel like shit IMO.

At 4 weeks the Testosterone you injected is 97% clear. As others said this is about where you want to be. Not sure what your FSH/LH will read. They still may read close to zero at that point which means he will know you’ve been injecting.

I wonder what your ultimate objective is.

Is it to be on TRT because your natural Total Testosterone is low normal? And your objective is to be on the high side of normal going forward?

Something else? Like running AAS cycles and being able to TRT cruise between cycles?

Wsmwannabe: thanks for the detailed information.

Studhammer: yeah I’m already feeling the testosterone levels going down I think, less libido and weaker erections, lower energy. I think it’s due to my last two injections was with a new brand of test E which seems to be very low quality compared to the previous one I’ve used.

blshaw: FSH/LH relates to how well my testicles work, right? Okay, so after four weeks the testosterone levels will be very low.

RT_Nomad: my objective with this getting on TRT thing is that I’ve suffered from severe fatigue, catastrophic low energy levels and depression (in various strength), low libido. I have been sick for over 2 years and haven’t been able to function in my daily life. The goal is to finally get normal testosterone levels and with that start to get my life back together and so on.

Where are you located? Are you not trying a private clinic?

I never had low libido, but TRT did increase libido. The other things you list I had before TRT, and still do (maybe slightly less though). Don’t expect to feel like superman all the time on TRT. It doesn’t work that way for most guy (I don’t know if I know any that it does work like that). It is very much marketed as a panacea. It isn’t. For me the benefits have been worth it, but it hasn’t been what I expected. The biggest things for me have been improvement in my strength, muscle mass and body composition.

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In northern europe. Yes, I will be trying with both a private clinic and the primary care system.

Yeah, I think TRT will help me get back on my feet and yes I don’t expect miracles that will solve all the problems in life. Thanks for being specific about what to expect.

If you get blood work and your test levels are low and LH and FSH are very low (they will be) then even a halfway competent doctor is going to ask you if you’ve been using steroids. They’ll give you a SERM, which is how you’d treat someone with very low LH. The doctor is going to say ‘your testosterone is low because your LH is low, so let’s address that’. Again, this assumes the doctor is not an imbecile.

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I took the blood test two weeks since last injection and got 350ng/dl total testosterone. Fortunately this was just low enough to get a prescription for testosterone gel by a private clinic. So now I’m starting TRT! Thanks everyone for the help.

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Please… I’ve seen them give T scripts to guys with double that. Don’t buy into it.

I agree private clinics will sell to you no matter what your numbers are. But are they any good?
If all you got was T cream or tubes of gel you will need to track your E2, Prolactin and hematocrit.

These T clinics screw more guys up than they help. Be careful. You have access to a ton of reliable help here. on this forum.

Just realized this. Why did you go with gel?

@readalot calls them accelerated aging (vs anti aging) clinics, which is probably accurate. Many of them do prescribe to guys with no medical issues.

How do you mean? Shouldn’t I take their help?

Is estradiol going to be elevated to problematic levels because of gel use? Yeah and I’m happy this forum and you guys exist to offer knowledge and help!

The doctor said that everybody starts with gel at this clinic to evaluate if the treatment does relief symptoms will be faster to notice. Doctor said that after a few following blood test we could discuss a change to testosterone undecanoate (Nebido) injections, which I want to try.

I have an idea. If I use the testosteron gel for a couple of weeks, takes 2-3 days off the gel and goes to take a total testosterone blood test on my own.
The blood test would come back with a very low reading on total testosterone I guess, then I could show this result to my primary care doctor and get help through the regular system.

I’ve read their guidelines on hypogonadism and the only issue is that if you have low LH and under 5nmol or 144ng/dl they will have to do a brain X-ray to check If you got a tumor, before going to treatment on the low T.