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Jumping Issue - Can't jump Off One Foot (Reactive Strength?)...


I cannot jump off of one foot right now (last year or so). NOT the old "I can jump higher off of 2 feet than 1." I am having a heck of a time trying to jump off of one, period. I can jump okay off of 2 feet, but had always been better jumping off of 1. In the last year or so, I've noticed that I cannot seem to jump off of one foot when I get a running start. I've been working foam roller, IT Band stretching, glute stretching, goblet squats for improved flexibility, etc.

Note - I can squat a fair amount of weight with pretty good form, but can't hardly do a lunge (even weightless). I have super tight psoas and have been working to stretch those.

*It's a random issue, but renders me virtually worthless on a basketball court (running and jumping are a necessity).


I'd say stop squatting completely till you fix this issue. See a physio/sports doctor asap. I suspect it's more of a neuromuscular problem rather than structural but thats an internet diagnosis


thanks for your advice, I appreciate it.