Jumping Into Plyometrics- Comments?

Anybody here have any thoughts on the book “Jumping into Plyometrics” by Donald Chu? I’m home on break and noticed this lying on a shelf in my house (my parents have been coaching for longer than I’ve been living so there’s tons of crap like this just lying around haha). I read the first couple of chapters and it seems like it’s pretty worthwhile. I’m just curious if anybody else has read it and what they found to be useful or also what they found to be inaccurate.

Thanks in advance.

i can’t think of any s&c book that isn’t worthwhile to read. Even if you learn what NOT to do.

go ahead and check it out.

The only thing I can comment on and agree with is Dr. Verkoshansky’s statement made at the Ultimate Athlete Concepts Yessis/ Verkoshnsky seminar held in Chicago this past year. Dr. V noted that Chu missed the boat on true “plyometric” training as he delved only into a remedial level, which (I might add) is typical of most America authors.


Can you elaborate on that a little more?

I’ve read it and from memory, what V would be talking about is how american trainers classify almost every little exercise not done with a barbell as plyometric.

When in reality, the only plyometric/shock training focused on in Russian literature was of the altitude drop/depth jump sort. Not light skips or lateral mobility drills (not that these can’t be good for an athlete).