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Jumping High (and Basketball)


I have always been athletic, but did NOT pursue team sports in school (the tall skinny blond kid playing drums at all the games - funny). Where do I turn to get more involved in basketball?

I am 6'4", currently 204lbs (~13-14% body fat). When not working my busy-ass high-tech job or playing music, I'm a gym rat. Every 3rd month I run 12-15 miles per week (cross-country, including steep hills, etc.).

So I feel conditioned enough to tackle my favorite sport (basketball) if I can find an outlet that does not require "prior experience." Does anyone have any suggestions?

Jumping: I have searched around the internet and have noticed a number of jumping and basketball skill programs -- does anyone have any experience with any of those, thoughts or suggestions?

Thanks to Ian King's "Killer Leg Exercises for Strength and Mass" video I bought years ago, I have a solid leg program (I focus on functional strength, not mass). If I recall, Ian also posted a jumping program on T-net once in the past but I cannot find it.

Either way, I want to focus my leg training on exercises that support jumping (e.g. dunking a basketball at the full 10ft NBA height). Why? Because it is a fun goal and chicks dig it... I think. :wink:

Any help or thoughts are kindly appreciated!

Cheers, Jp


Kelly Baggett. He's not the be-all-end-all... but he's damn good. Check out his website:

The verticle jump bible is a must from what I hear (being a broke college student I've stuck to the free articles, which have more than sufficed to help me dunk at 6'0).


Anyone can attest to this?


VJB is great in that in can give you a good program with several built-in modifications, depending on the level you are at and also your strengths and weaknesses.

When it comes to jumping higher, it's pretty simple.

  1. Get lean
  2. Get strong relative to your bodyweight
  3. Practice jumping often.

Everything after that is just icing on the cake.