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Jumping Faster?

Hey guys, I know that you’re all knowledgable so I have a couple of questions.

  1. How exactly would one go about to “jump faster”? Everyone knows how to jump higher, but I’ve seen a lot of people try to block a shot in basketball and failed. Even though they eventually get their arms over the shooter, they do it too slow. Is it true that RFD is good, like doing 45-60% of your 1rm 6-8x2? Are there other ways to get up faster?

  2. I’ve read some of Kelly B’s articles and in one he says that for every 10% of muscle mass added, there is potential for a 30% increase in strength. To what extent is this true?

BTW, thanks to this site, in just over a month, I’ve seen incredible improvements in athleticism. Thanks a ton!

I think increasing your reaction time and skills in reading your opponent’s movements will help get you where you wanna be.

Some of the things that helped me (jump quicker) when I played basketball in college were:
One hand tip drills (even better if you do them with a volleyball)
The McHale drill (a tip drill where you tip with one hand and touch the rim with the other)
Agility drills
Jumping rope
5 star drills
And Most of the drills In “How to play the post”
And most of the drills in at power basketball.com

All of that on top of my Normal S&C (I used a program by Fred Hatfeild II)

Hope this helped