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Jumpers Knee !!

I have a real bad jumpers knee, even though I am not even jumping a lot anymore, and it seems like it does not want to go away. My patella tendon is real sore, I cannot even play defense in basketball practice, cause I can?t go down quickly anymore. But doing lower body ME and De is no problem. What can I do, here in germany everybody would tell me to stop doin sports for a month cause they don t know better… well some do, but I dont know them… !! Help !!

I forgot, sometime on DE lowerbody day I feel some pain too!! And when I go upstairs anywhere, I have to concentrate on a technique like in boxsquatting using the P-chain instead of my quads. Thanks guys, it?s real cool here!

First of all, has a doctor diagnosed you with “jumper’s knee?” If not, see a doctor before you make any assumptions. It very well may be jumper’s knee, though.

?Jumpers Knee? is very common in volleyball players and basketball players. This is because these sports stress the legs only through the end range of motion. When you?re constantly doing partial range movements, such as jumping, you develop muscular imbalances. In the case of jumpers knee, your vastus lateralis (the quad muscle on the outside of your thigh) becomes more developed than the vastus medialis (the ?tear-drop? shaped quad muscle on the inside of your knee) and your hamstrings. When one muscle overpowers the rest, it affects the tracking of the kneecap & puts excessive wear and tear on the knee joint.

?Full-range? exercises can help correct this problem by developing the vastus medialis and hamstrings ? both of these muscles are activated with full-range movements. They also help with knee stability.

Some of my favorite movements in helping to correct jumpers knee are as follows: full-range barbell squats, single leg squats with the back leg elevated, step-ups onto a high box and leg curls. (Get coached properly on these exercises before you attempt them!)

And by the way, if DE squats bother your knee, DON’T DO THEM!